Up In The Air Junior Birdmen

It felt like summer when we went out this morning. Until we turned the corner and were hit in the face by San Geraldo’s cyclonic winds.


In his Spanish class this week, San Geraldo learned the names for the seasons, weather, and winds. Today, we experienced “viento de levante,” an easterly wind — on the western Mediterranean Sea (and in Southern France). It’s also known as “mountain-gap wind.” San Geraldo is enjoying talking about the winds and about “la tormenta” (the storm). A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

This song is a lot cuter when San Geraldo sings it
(but you’ll have to take my word for that):

I had never heard this song until I met San Geraldo. According to Wikipedia, Junior Birdmen of America was a club for boys interested in building model airplanes. I didn’t understand why San Geraldo would know this song and I wouldn’t. But then I read on; the club was founded around 1934, which means that, by the time I was born in New York City in the mid ’50s, the club was probably history — and therefore would probably have only recently arrived in South Dakota.

As they used to say:
“Welcome to South Dakota. Set your watches back 10 years.”

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