Kicking The Clouds Away

Some days, I feel like I’m walking around under my own personal cloud. The last few days have been like that. So, it might not have been the best idea to head over today to the National Police in Fuengirola to pick up my new residency card (replacing the one I lost when I lost my wallet… click here for that story).


Although I was supposed to leave my brain at home (and did not), I’m not going to sit here and whine about the unpleasant half hour I spent there. It was only a half hour. OK. Except that I was required to provide a new photo with my paperwork for my replacement card. (It was an improvement over my original photo, which I hated.) However, my new card has the same old photo as before.


But still, the half-hour at the police station was followed by a half-hour walk home under vividly blue and sunny skies. There was so much beauty, which I tried to appreciate. It didn’t work. Well, it worked. But not for long. By the time I arrived home for a late lunch, I had a very dark cloud over my head. I’m just sure the sun was shining on everyone else.


Whatever I could possibly think of to complain about right now is absurd. Big deal. But, when that cloud hangs over my head, the smallest thing seems impossible to manage. The smallest mistake or accident is a tragic character flaw. Like dropping a spatula on the floor while I was washing dishes. (‘You idiot!’) Or finding another empty bottle on the counter after I sealed up the recycling. (‘Dammit!’) But the fact that I’m telling you about this idiocy means I’m coming around. San Geraldo and I had a good talk tonight (which always helps) and, no matter what the weather is like tomorrow, I’m confident the sun will be shining… directly over my head (and I hope over everyone else’s).

If I could kick like this, it would all be so much better…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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