The Fur Trapper

Our nephew Matt (the younger of Tom and Linda’s two sons)  and his wife Lindy arrived here yesterday from South Dakota. It was a complete surprise for Tom and Linda. San Geraldo and I have known for months and we somehow managed to not let the cat out of the bag. It makes us so unbelievably happy to have them around for a little while.

And speaking of cats… Matt and Lindy are cat lovers. Or perhaps I should say Matt has learned to love cats and Lindy would rescue every single one in the world if she could. So, it was no surprise that they arrived with gifts for their cousins, Dudo and Moose. Fur mice. They haven’t had any since Lindy mailed them a multi-pack more than a year ago. (Click here to see what happened to those.)

With the mice and the treats Matt and Lindy are giving the cats, Dudo will love them forever. Moose, too, but there have been just too many people coming and going. He seems to think four should be the limit at any given time. Too many feet to steer clear of.

Dudo has been going nuts playing with the first two fur mice. He hogs them both. Last night, when he finally wore himself out and was sleeping soundly on the sofa, Moose came into the den and played like I’ve never seen him play before. However, every few minutes he would pause and peek out to the living room to make sure his bossy brother wasn’t about to come in. No photos of Moose this time. He gets annoyed and I didn’t want to disturb his independent play time, which is so hard to come by.

Thanks to all the fun they’ve been having, this morning, both cats slept in.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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