The Little Drummer Boy

The wonderful Sevillanos have not let me down. They gave me another parade.

Jerry and I walked over to the optometrist this afternoon and, on our way back, when we were almost home, we heard the drums of a marching band — a not very enthusiastic marching band. I can understand their lack of enthusiasm. The sun was bright and the temperature hovered somewhere around 38C (100F). But I hustled over in the direction of the drums and arrived right behind the small paso (float) and band at Plaza del Duque de la Victoria (home to the main El Corte Inglés department store).


Bringing up the rear was a man walking alongside a little boy. The boy was not yet part of the troop. His father had to keep holding him back from trying to join the marchers. His father laughed and told me the drum was new and he was simply trying to teach him to play it only outside. They, like I, had stumbled on the parade.


This particular group was from the Capilla de la Fábrica de Tabacos (Chapel of the Tobacco Factory).  The factory itself is now the center of the University of Sevilla. The chapel is across the river in the neighborhood of Triana. The troop represents the Hermandad de Columna y Azotes (the Brotherhood of the Column and Whips… don’t ask). The band is called “Los Cigarreros” (The Cigar Makers). Thankfully, instead of making cigars, they make music.



Author: Moving with Mitchell

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9 thoughts on “The Little Drummer Boy”

  1. That little boy is just adorable. I get to say things like that because I'm a fully certified (certifiable?) grandma. I'm wondering if he's dressed like that because that's the local style or is it because his daddy dressed him?
    I'm shocked at how heavily ornate all the floats are for the parades. It seems they must be very expensive!

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I think even non-certifiable non-grandmas would agree that he's adorable. He's dressed like that because it's local style.

      This was a very small and simple float. Amazing, aren't they?

  2. I think it would be only fitting if you and Gerry got yourselves complimentary drums and begin to practice!!! You could join in and maybe no one would be the wiser. lol
    I am beginning to think that parades are a good thing…..celebrating holidays, saints, the seasons, whatever. It lifts the spirits I am sure!
    Great photos Mitch!

  3. I was beginning to worry about he lack of parades around town. Thankfully there is nothing to worry about now. And the little boy, so cute. I have some friends that are there in your fine Seville right now and they tell me its absolutely beautiful.


    1. Scott:
      I was very concerned. But we've had two today, so all is back to normal! So glad you're friends are enjoying the city. I hope they're not suffering too much with this odd heatwave. Temps between 95 and 100 through early next week I think. More like July!

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