It’s Always Nice to Get Approval

We received the exciting news today from the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles that our visa applications have been approved!  We just need to pick them up.  So, it’s now real.  We will be in Spain mid-July. 

We are so grateful to the Los Angeles Consulate for their well-designed and information-rich website.  We are also grateful to the staff who so quickly responded via email to our questions while we were trying to understand the complex application process.  And we are especially grateful to the people who greeted us so warmly and professionally, and then reviewed and processed our applications.  We can’t wait to become absorbed in Spanish life and culture!

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7 thoughts on “It’s Always Nice to Get Approval”

  1. Fantastic news! Will you go back to LA to get them? This happened to me and Ken 8 years ago. We left SF before our visas were approved to drive across the country. The day we arrived in NC, we got a call with the approval. We had them sent to the closest consulate: Atlanta. An 8 hour drive from where we were. So we made another road trip out of it.

    Again, congratulations!

  2. Hello Mitch:
    We are absolutely delighted for you and trust that it will be plain sailing [or flying!] from here on.

    We know only too well the difficulties to be overcome when taking up residence in a foreign country.

  3. Walt the Fourth: Yep. We'll head back to LA. Spanish Consulate requires you pick up visas where you applied. IF we had waited another week before leaving Calif., we wouldn't have to make the trip back. But, IF we had waited they wouldn't have been ready for another month.

    Craig: Thanks!

    J&L: Thanks. I'm sure there will be lots of surprises.

    Jim: Thanks and thanks for sticking with me.

  4. Not all of them are bureaucrats. Hope the rest in Spain goes as quickly as they did in LA.

  5. Tippin: The LA Consulate has been exceptional, I think, so we're preparing ourselves for whatever comes once we're in Spain. And, yes, it is nice to known they're not all bureaucrats.

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