Jerry is a Genius and I Love Him


The kitchen is still a mess; the counters are covered with things that haven’t yet found their new places.  So, this morning, I had a quick bowl of yogurt and fruit, Jerry had a quick bowl of cereal, and we headed downstairs to El Sanedrín for a more relaxed breakfast. (El Sanedrín is the cafe/bar to the right of our front door; Dos de Mayo is the tapas bar to the left.)  I had a half serving of tostada, Iberian ham, their exceptional local olive oil, and tomato puree.  Jerry had an entire serving (“of course,” he says) of tostada with marmalade and butter, and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.  After breakfast,  Jerry went grocery shopping and I came back upstairs to continue to organize, do laundry, and just get settled.


When Jerry got back from Mercadona, he unpacked the groceries and we went to Dos de Mayo for lunch, which was delicious — beautiful battered and fried (OK, not the healthiest choice) langostinos and a beans and fish tapa that I ordered because Jerry thought it looked good.  (I knew I would hate it, but I wanted him to be happy.)  Well, it was delicious and I was happier than he was.

We then came back upstairs and Jerry sat down to see if he could figure out our connectivity problems before having to call Vodafone again.  I headed back out to run a few errands.  I returned home less than an hour later and Jerry opened the door before I could turn my key in the lock.  He was beaming.


“It’s working!  Sit down at your computer and see.”  The router currently sits in the alcove between the foyer and the living room.  My bedroom is almost as far away as you can get in the apartment and there are several thick concrete walls between.  We walked down the long hall.  I sat down at my desk.  I clicked on Firefox.  And, in a heartbeat, I was connected.  I clicked on my desktop email and all my new messages appeared.  Jerry had figured it out without even phoning Vodafone a second time.  I already knew he was a genius.  I already knew I loved him.  But, well, he is and I do.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

18 thoughts on “Jerry is a Genius and I Love Him”

  1. the fact you ordered something you thought you would hate just so he would be happy made my heart melt….are there more like you at home?

    the hat tree is amazing, and truly looks like it was meant for the space 🙂

  2. Aw, David, you make me feel like such a nice guy!

    Can you believe that coat rack?!? We had immediately pictured it there. I always draw floor plans to-scale before we move and I have all our furniture drawn to scale, as well. So, I knew the coat rack would fit the wall; I just didn't know if the cut-ins were in the right place to leave room for the intercom handset. It couldn't have fit more perfectly!

  3. Love the hall tree. it's fantastic…and, yes, you'll be needing lots of hats.

    Nice to see Alice is there.

    And my heart melted to at your order. i think of myself as a loving person, but ordering something for me that might make Carlos happy? I ought to try that.

  4. Bob:
    Well, whenever we share a dish, Jerry does the honors of splitting it in half (because cutting/spltting food in half is "cooking" in my book). Jerry always gives me the bigger "half."

  5. Peter:
    The front door and ceiling heights are really something. Our grandfather clock looks tiny in the living room. Isn't that coat rack great? An Addams-Morgan antique shop in D.C. We love it more the longer we have it. Hard to tell, but it's over 6 feet tall (183 cm).

  6. Totally agree with David. You ordering something to make someone else happy is priceless. We should all take a page out of your book.

    Loving the coat rack!!

  7. Hurrah for Jerry! The coat rack is very handsome and fits beautifully in that spot by that imposing front door. Yep, you'll have to get a few hats now.

  8. Nubian:
    It looks like I've made myself out to be much nicer than I really am!

    Jerry has been looking for a hat since we arrived here (to replace a great one he gave to our nephew before we left South Dakota). I tend not to wear hats. I'm balding (well, that's an understatement). I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm wearing a hat to hide the truth!

  9. well you are a nice guy 🙂

    wow, I will be moving to a new house soon, I am gonna have to do the floor plan to scale thing,,,brilliant 😉

  10. Clever boy Jerry! So the problem was that the wifi wasn't getting through the concrete walls… is that right?
    Lunch sounds fab, and yes that lovely coat rack was made for that space!

  11. FELICIDADES!!!!.
    Good news at least, what a relief!!!.
    By the way, tostadas of "pan con tomate y jamon" it´s my favourite breakfast, everyday 24/7/365.
    The secret is in the bread not in the jamon (a bit crounchy and toasted,not much ), and that toast looks perfect.

    But if you and Jerry want to touch the heaven, buy this: "Torta del Casar" (available in Corte Ingles, very rarely in local cafeterias).

    Video demostration:

  12. David:
    One of my favorite things about moving (well, one of my 500 favorite things about moving): to-scale floor plans!

    The WiFi is getting through concrete without a hitch. The instructions Jerry was given didn't work. Once he decided to wing it, he figured it out just fine.

    A bit crunchy and toasted, but not much… is exactly the way I like the bread. We will now have to find Torta del Casar. I will check out the video before I go to bed. Thanks a million!

    I still can't believe he managed to get this figured out today (and so painlessly). I think I'll keep him!

  13. The coat rack is terrific. We have a piece or two of furniture we bought in Washington around the same time. There was always somebody out on the sidewalk at Eastern Market selling old furniture back then. Did you guys get it there?

    Glad to see you have your "stuff" now. Settling in feels good. Camping (even in a hotel) gets old real fast.

  14. Walt the Fourth:
    We never shopped at Eastern Market (or at least I don't think we did), but we found the coat rack in an antique shop in Adams Morgan. It was one of those more expensive stores — we paid a whopping $180! And, yes, settling in feels really good!

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