Photo Caption Contest (With a Prize)

San Geraldo has an amazing website for his family where he shares ancestry, photos, recordings, interviews, and other information. As you might remember, he’s descended from kings (saints even) that include Ferdinand III of Spain (Saint Ferdinand the King) who is buried right here in the Cathedral of Sevilla. San Geraldo is an avid and thorough researcher constantly adding to his site new and fascinating information about the famous, infamous, and un-famous (and most-loved) of our families. Right now, he’s uploading digitized versions of family slides taken by our fathers during the ’50s and ’60s. He came across one yesterday (obviously from his family) that had us both laughing.

So many captions come to mind, but I decided to offer a wonderful, expensive, tasteful, (all lies) — cheap and tacky souvenir of Sevilla (complete truth) — to the person who submits my favorite caption (which is not to say it’s the best caption). So, how can you resist?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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49 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest (With a Prize)”

  1. Doris, Maud and Elspeth waited patiently like fragrant wall-flowers to be picked for the gentleman's excuse me at the reception, the last three AGAIN.

  2. Photographic evidence FINALLY produced proving that gay marriages have totally undermined the sanctity and magic of the whole process for heterosexuals.

  3. I offered my attempt at a caption, but already know there's no way in hell I can even come close to The Owl Wood…. what great lines! I love them all!!!! (lots of exclamation points!!!!)

  4. Oh my heavens, I was laughing out loud at every one. The one that made me laugh the most spontaneously was Owl Wood's glove one — I had to go back to the photo first, but then I just burst. Great!
    (Plus, I am so excited to have a link to Jerry's thoroughly-researched website about your joint family histories!)


    1. Snap, Judeet, I had to go back and check the photo again too. Owl Wood gets my vote!

      The Other Judith (or Yudit as my Dutch neighbour calls me)

  5. Once were 3 ladies from the academy,
    Who sadly bemoaned their anatomy,
    Itchy palms needed covering,
    Aching feet in recovery,
    With Miss Velvet soaking in sensuality.

  6. The one on the left is thinking –

    "And then the cow had the nerve to show up with a jello salad rather than her assigned chicken dish. Now I am not one to gossip but can you see how fat she's become? Bitch please!

  7. From Left to Right:
    "Pose for pictures? That buffet line isn't getting any shorter…"
    "Another long hot day in the wrong girdle."
    "I hope my groom makes it back from Geraldo's place in time for our honeymoon..""

  8. Looking back of Lady Gaga's mother's confirmation, we can see where the star got her inspiration for her condom body suit in her mother's skirt.
    (Contributed by Murphy)

  9. If that little son of a bitch doesn't show up in the next fifteen minutes, I'll puree his ass smoother than the chicken livers.

  10. The bride's colors were squash and bluebird. The freak flags were flying as her mother danced to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" while her grandmother elected to wear her Charlie Chaplin hat while imitating The Little Tramp. Later, the happy couple went on their honeymoon to Deadwood, South Dakota and then on to the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. There was a bun in that oven before you could say Jack Robinson.

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