Seafood Hash?

Fuengirola’s port is primarily a fishing port, keeping a close connection with the history of the city which was, before the advent of tourism in the late 1960s, a simple fishing village. Depending on the season, professional and recreational fisherman catch Bream, Snapper, Bonito, Mackeral, Rockling, Weever, and Conger, among other things. We see fishing boats from our windows every day. Apparently, the boats haven’t changed much in structure and appearance over the years.


One fishing boat in particular caught my attention, although I didn’t get to see it myself. We read in the paper this morning that Spanish customs agents seized a boat just off the coast (well, 110 miles off the coast) carrying 17 tons of hash. Since I’m no cook (by any stretch of the imagination), I can’t tell you which of the local fish make the best hash. But, what could anyone possibly do with 17 tons of fish hash?

Oh, wait… It says “hashish.”

Never mind.

Not To Leave You Dangling
The “fishing boat” had no flag, wasn’t registered, and had no documents, which is what attracted customs agents. The boat was “escorted” to Málaga where it was searched. That’s when agents found 654 packets of hash hashish in the boat’s hull. The Egyptian crew of 14, including two minors, were taken into custody. No fish hash recipe will be forthcoming.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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15 thoughts on “Seafood Hash?”

    1. Stephen:
      I never owned my own hash pipe… which is not to say… Two friends gave me a beautiful water pipe as a going-away-to-school gift. The Dowager Duchess looked at it and said, "That's for decoration only, isn't it?" I said, "Yeah, of course." Looking back, I don't think she was really sincere in her question.

  1. I have never and likely never will ingest anything that begins or ends with the letters "h*a*s*h". I did digest the photos which are spectacular.

    1. Judeet:
      With all the negatives I had heard (from Americans, really) about the Costa del Sol, I've been surprised at how really beautiful the beach is here…. and clean.

  2. Oh well…back to the 'brownies' I guess!
    Great photos. It's good to see that the fishing is in plain view and mixed in with the tourism on the beach.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      Can you imagine? Pats Kountry Kitchen (big groan for the spelling, used to be a great place in Old Saybrook, Connecticut to go for their specialty, "clam hash." San Geraldo loved it. Also not to my taste.

  3. Mitch in the kitchen? I can't see it somehow! That sparkling blue water delights my eyes – for we are surrounded by a 'sea of green'.

    1. Elaine:
      I'll have you know I was just a moment ago in the kitchen. Completely independently, I got an container of yogurt from the refrigerator. I opened it myself. And I ate it (from the container, of course) with a spoon.

      The colors of the Mediterranean are fascinating. Today has been a bit cloudy (believe it or not — but the sun is working its way to dominance) and the sea is several shades of turquoise and grayish-blues. As the light changes, the colors transform. Really beautiful.

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