How You Thrill Me

In my life, I’ve taken a lot of risks. I’ve moved often. I changed careers several times. I changed jobs — perhaps too often. I dumped all my money, a few times, into uncertain business ventures. In addition, I have always enjoyed getting lost; I love what I discover along the way. And I’ve had the perfect partner-in-adventure, San Geraldo.

When it comes to physical risks, however, I’m not so daring. I bruise easily. Very easily. (I’m the son of the woman the story of “The Princess and the Pea” was based on.) I did once climb a cliff in Italy (in 1976) to go diving. I tore a muscle in my leg.

Bungee trampolining (click here) looked to me like fun because you’re in a harness and attached to sturdy cords that limit the direction you can go. It seemed low-risk. But, since bungee trampolining appears to be on the back burner (until we find one for grown-ups), I’ve been looking around for other options.

First to present itself was parasailing. I have no fear of heights (although I have an extreme and very specific fear of stepping down onto a ladder from a roof). With parasailing, you’re not sent up alone. I always feel safer if someone else knows what they’re doing (assuming the person I’d go up with knew what he/she was doing). You take off from the back of a powerboat. That concerns me. I’ve seen the videos. Also, I’m not so comfortable with coming back down.


Next on the list is something much less “X Games.” I can rent a fiberglass pedal boat with a fiberglass slide. You pedal out a bit and then go down the slide. But, like the bungee trampoline, I’m sure the slide has a weight limit. I’d hate to climb the three or four flimsy aluminum steps and have the entire thing collapse leaving me “at sea.”


There’s always a power boat. But the thought of noisily hydroplaning across the water at break-neck speed doesn’t thrill me.


Taking the power boat one step further, I could hop on an inflatable boat and get pulled behind that power boat noisily hydroplaning across the water at break-neck speed. But, I don’t think so.


And then of course, there’s the jet ski. Something to consider, I suppose. If it weren’t for the noise. The pollution. The fumes. The anxiety. Honestly, I find absolutely nothing of interest in a jet ski.


It looks like what I’m left with is walking on water. San Geraldo has done it so well for so many years. One of his senior managers even introduced him to a friend one day as “my boss who walks on water.” I always liked and respected the woman, but that clinched it. Anyway, it appears that walking on water is very commonly done here in Fuengirola. It’s a miracle!


After considering all the above options, I’m thinking maybe San Geraldo is enough excitement for me. So, I’ll take ABBA’s (can’t get them out of my mind) advice and “stay on the ground.”

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

29 thoughts on “How You Thrill Me”

  1. I'd always thought parasailing looked like a grand adventure until a few years ago…whilst boating with friends in San Diego bay we saw an inattentive boater nearly put his parasailing buddies into a hillside. Um, no thanks.

    I see your Abba and raise you two Tiny Tims!

    1. Jacquelineand….
      I had always wanted to go hot-air ballooning. Then, on a news program, I saw a video of one exploding. Maybe being a bit of a coward isn't such a bad thing.

      Oh, Tiny Tim. Now I'll have to do a blog post on tulips or tip-toeing… or ukeleles.

  2. They make it look so easy – especially on that sparkling blue water.

    I can really relate to your fear of stepping down onto a ladder. I once got stuck on some scaffolding – I couldn't take the small step down to the ladder. I am ashamed to say that I was less than seven feet above the ground and yet I was paralysed with fear, not about the height, but the step down.

    1. Elaine:
      I don't know where my fear of stepping down to a ladder came from. But, I think I would also freeze if I had been in your situation. During renovation projects at two of our houses in the past, I refused to climb onto the roof because I had an immediate image of not being able to step back on the ladder.

  3. I've gone parasailing a couple of times, from my time spent on Maui. It's definitely a good time!
    But lying on the beach sipping a margarita can be thrilling, too.

    1. Bob:
      It really does look like fun to me but, like I said, the idea of having to come back down is what concerns me (and that's always been my problem…) Lying on the beach sipping something good and watching the parasails float by — that'll do.

  4. Been there, done everything on your list.
    No scars to show for it either.
    Recently zip lined across the Bay of Fundy even.

    Fear. Good.
    Do you really want to grow old anyway?

    1. Stephen:
      I've always been lean. I was accused of being undernourished my entire childhood. And one of my mother's sisters (very unkindly) would accuse my mother of being incompetent in her care of me. "Send him over to my house. I'll fatten him up." So, definitely don't want you to think I'm complaining about my weight. It's really a comment on the fact that I'm adult in size but pre-adolescent in nature. I want to go to the kiddie park! Can we ride the teacups???

  5. I've done the tandem parasailing… hot air ballooning… and even got harnessed into the zip-lining thing (chickened out… still cost me $100) but will admit that I'm a big chicken when it comes to these kinds of adventures. I'm okay if I can just close my eyes and hang on to someone else (preferably Bill)… heck, I can't even swim… what do you expect?

    1. Sharon:
      I wouldn't call you a big chicken given the things you've done. I'm much better if I've ceded control to someone who knows what they're doing. San Geraldo is probably braver, but he needs to understand it all and be in complete control.

  6. I think the last one, paddle surfing, is the one for you Mitch! Very manageable by the looks of it and if you fall you won't break your neck! The Dowager Duchess told me to say that!
    I wonder if that Maersk Line container ship was coming or going to Halifax?

  7. Yes, when it comes to 'adventure sports' I've always been one 'big girl's blouse'! (I've never even done a handstand in my entire life! Too scared. How soft is that?) Like you, Mitch, I wouldn't derive any enjoyment from the experience because it would be overshadowed by wondering if I'd get back to earth or dry land safely. I might be able to manage the pedal boat – but only if I had Mitch the Navigator beside me for comfort and reassurance.

    'Honey Honey' – one of the very earliest (and, for me, greatest) of Abba's very many 'classics', and still sounding as fresh as ever. Utterly impossible to dislike. But who would want to?

    1. Dean:
      That "young street tough" was me at the age of 8 wearing I'm sure an IZOD polo shirt on the "mean streets" of suburban Long Island. I've still got the scar from that shiner.

    1. Dean:
      His name was Vincent Mancuzi, I think. He might have been a lefty, but he was also bad aim with a baseball bat. He hit the ball, threw the bat aside… right into my face. But my sister beat him up, so all was well.

  8. When we were in alaska, we were offered one of the stand up things. All I could think was one slip and into the glacial waters I go. No no no no

  9. Go ABBA!

    I'm not into those risky or extreme activities. You'll never catch me jumping out of an airplane! 🙂 I figure my barn is danger enough, given how often I bash my head on low doorways…

    1. Knatolee:
      I bash my head on low doorways, too. And yesterday, I caught my feet on a heavy door, which caused it to bounce back just as I leaned forward to walk through it. No worries, though. I caught the door with the side of my head and it bounced open again (the door, not my head). I do things like all the time. Maybe I'll also avoid sky-diving.

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