Anything You Can Do…

San Geraldo doesn’t like to lose. I refuse to play Monopoly with him. He’s too cut-throat. (Well, I refuse to play Monopoly with anyone. I can’t stand the game.) When we play cards, he often gloats when he’s winning and pouts when he’s losing. He used to beg me to play Scrabble with him. I love(d) Scrabble. We would play. If he was losing, he’d tell me he was tired and he didn’t want to play anymore. Brat. Like I said, he doesn’t like to lose.


So, it’s no surprise that San Geraldo — although admittedly an excellent chef — couldn’t let me have some glory in the kitchen. I cooked a snack yesterday to overwhelming response. I actually left them begging for more. San Geraldo couldn’t tolerate that and decided to one-up me (can you TEN-up someone?) by cooking a dinner of couscous (with mint, chives, and raisins); peas and onions (he actually chopped up a fresh onion… can you imagine?); and pork fillets smothered in apples and raisins.


As if that weren’t enough, San Geraldo baked (to perfection) a plum tart [Correction: It was a cobbler, not a tart.] Now I’m not really complaining since I was on the receiving end, but still, you’d think he could have let me have my day in the sun.

What Did I Cook?
As you know, Dudo and Moose are receiving treats daily now. Saturday, I opened a can of “wet food.” It was too much for a one-serving snack per cat, so I split it in half, gave them each half of that, and put the remainder in the fridge. Sunday, I thought they might like it warmed up a little, so I microwaved the leftovers for about 20 seconds. Yes, I cooked. The cats were ecstatic. At least they (especially Dudo) appreciate my efforts. Now, every time I walk into the kitchen, they come running… and begging. As if I’d have no other reason to be in the kitchen! I do wash dishes, you know!


Anyway, this morning I got the last laugh. For breakfast, I topped my slab of plum tart [cobbler] with Greek yogurt. Who’s the gourmet now?

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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21 thoughts on “Anything You Can Do…”

  1. At the least the kitties appreciate your hard work in the kitchen. They are very astute you know.
    Plum tart with yogurt, so de rigueur!! Love some for sure.
    Scrabble used to be our game, we played all the time but lately Sudoku rules. Have you tried these? I got hooked 6 years ago and Jim 2 years ago ~~ good for the brain action.
    I think it's time for you to outcook Jerry again…dare you!!


    1. Ron:
      Oops! It was a plum cobbler, not a plum tart. Here, so many things are called "tarta" that I forget myself sometimes. The Greek yogurt on top of the plum cobbler transformed the flavor to an ice cream-topped dessert. I wish there were more!

      San Geraldo loves Sudoku. I love crosswords. No competition … except with myself!

      I'll be cooking some more cat treats today. I've become very popular in kitchen.

  2. I have resigned myself to the FACT that whatever Ron and I play, game-wise, I will be the loser! I can't beat him at anything! That's OK though, no pressure!! lol
    So San Geraldo is ONE OF THOSE, is he?! A good cook however! A good balance I'd say.
    After your breakfast preparation (which sounded good actually) I bet a rest was in order.

  3. Congrats on the cooking! And to an appreciative audience, too!

    I, too, don't like Monopoly. For me, it's because I'm always the first one out. I'm too conservative with my "money". I seem to recall a certain Monopoly game many, many years ago with San Geraldo and you (and maybe John James?), where I swear I was totally wiped out by San Geraldo in two rounds. I think I pouted when I lost – mainly because Jerry was gloating so much about beating me so quickly.

    Like you said, at least he cooks great!

    1. Jo:
      Oh, I remember that Monopoly game! And, no, I had already gotten smart enough to NOT play. And, yes, he was unbelievably obnoxious. And, yes, you went into a royal pout! What memories!

  4. Holy crow, that Jerry can cook!! (I'm assuming the food was as delicious as it looked.)

    And– YOU! You clever little cat-food-warmer-upper! (That photo with the cats is about the best ever. Ever. Really.)

    1. Judeet:
      And that was just one of Jerry's casual meals. It tasted even better than it looked!

      I couldn't believe I managed to grab that shot of Dudo. I had a dry treat in one hand — which immediately caused him to beg — and my camera in the other. (Moose, as you can see, thinks the dry treats are a waste of time.)

  5. I can't stand it when the person with whom you're playing a game is winning and takes it all so seriously like their life depended on it. Unless I'm the one that's winning – then it really is no laughing matter!

    You must also find that pussy-feeding time can be perilous when they're wrapping themselves around your legs as you try to fill their bowls and keep them sufficiently distanced so they don't filch from each other. Bad enough with two, but could you cope when, as this morning, you had FIVE to feed together? Alas, it's only Blackso who appreciates me outside feeding times, otherwise from the others it's only PRE-meal lovie-dovies, after which it's a "Go to Hell!" attitude.

    1. Raybeard:
      Dudo and Moose are pretty adoring (and adorable) throughout the day. But the treats have sure made me much more in demand in the kitchen. I can't imagine having to sidestep more than two cats. That's dangerous enough. Our nephew and niece-in-law have had up to 13 cats at one time. I think they learned to not move, while the cats swirled around them.

  6. I left a message but it disappeared!!! Here goes again…
    I have resigned myself to the fact that I ALWAYS lose at games, no matter what they are. Good thing Ron doesn't gloat!
    That plum tart looks like an upside down 'crisp'! Yummy!

    1. Jim:
      That plum tart was actually a plum cobbler, which may be what you would call a crisp. And San Geraldo used to make his cobblers the other way (with the dough on top). This is his "Spanish version."

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I make San Geraldo sound worse than he is when it comes to playing games… Well, maybe I don't! (Although he's definitely kinder and gentler than he used to be in that department; he's always been kind and gentle in general.)

    1. Kristi:
      I do love both boys, but Dudo and I have a very special bond. I'm his playmate. He follows me around with his toys and waits for me to play. If I'm looking out the window, he jumps up and looks with me. And now that he thinks I can cook, he doesn't lose sight of me.

  7. OMG Mitch, I've been juicing for a while (future blog post in the making) so even the thought of warmed up cat food is making me drool! Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy

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