The Duchess And The Streetwalker

The Duchess
My Mother The Dowager Duchess seems to have turned the corner in her recovery. Saturday was a much better day. Sunday, better still. And today, Monday, the best yet. She’s making huge strides in physical therapy. She’s got just a little discomfort from the beautifully healing surgical wound. She looks great. And she’s smiling a lot more. I’m hoping to arrive at the hospital one of these days to be told it’s time for her to head to rehab and get completely back on her feet.

The Streetwalker
As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time walking the streets of Brooklyn. Sadly, I haven’t been showing any profit. (Well, unless you consider my health and well-being). The walk to the hospital and back is about 1.5 miles (more than 2 km). I usually add another 3 to 5 miles of walking to each day. I love to share photos that demonstrate the eclectic look of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. It’s not just three-story buildings with fire escapes, as you can see in these photos of the residential neighborhoods I passed through last week on my way to Jay and Lloyd’s Deli (click here).

Come to think of it, maybe I’d have more luck walking the commercial areas!

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