A smurf sandwich / Un pitufo

La versión en español está después de la versión en inglés.

IN SPANISH, A SMURF IS a pitufo. However, here in Málaga, pitufo is also the word for a small breakfast roll. Mesón Salvador’s are not quite as small as the norm. A large breakfast roll is called a viena. I had a Smurf-sized tostada Friday morning at Mesón Salvador because I slept a bit too late and I didn’t have enough time for my complete breakfast before Isabel arrived. My favorite at Mesón Salvador is Iberian ham, manchego cheese, olive oil, and pureed tomato on a whole wheat (whole meal) roll (pitufo).

It’s been grey and rainy and will likely remain so until Wednesday. It’s nice, for a change, but I’m beginning to miss the sun. With the rough weather have come rough seas and everyone seems to be enjoying those. Today on my walk (photos of which I’ll be sharing in the next few days) the beach was filled with surfers, kayakers, and paddle boarders. It was a joy to see so many people having fun.

When I walked through our nearby plaza yesterday I discovered that some tiles had been removed and vines had been planted beneath one set of trellises. Hallelujah! Unfortunately, the concrete benches they installed are already chipped and damaged. Unlike me, the skateboarders love them.

Some of the surviving tamarind trees are in bloom. And last night while we had dinner, Dudo become one with the space heater in my office, which was left on just for him.


TUVE UN PITUFO EL VIERNES por la mañana en Mesón Salvador porque dormí un poco tarde y no tuve tiempo suficiente para mi desayuno completo antes de que llegara Isabel. Mi tostada favorita en Mesón Salvador es con jamón ibérico, queso manchego, aceite de oliva, y tomate en puré en un bollo de trigo integral.

Ha estado gris y lluvioso y probablemente lo seguirá siendo hasta el miércoles. Es agradable, para variar, pero estoy empezando a extrañar el sol. Con el mal tiempo ha llegado un mar embravecido y todo el mundo parece estar disfrutando de ellos. Hoy en mi caminata (fotos que compartiré en los próximos días) la playa se llenó de surfistas, kayakistas y practicantes de remo. Fue un placer ver a tanta gente divirtiéndose.

Cuando caminé por nuestra plaza cercana ayer descubrí que se habían quitado algunas tejas y se habían plantado enredaderas debajo de un juego de enrejados. ¡Aleluya! Desafortunadamente, los bancos de concreto que instalaron ya están astillados y dañados. A diferencia de mí, a los patinadores les encantan.

Algunos de los tamarindos supervivientes están en flor. Y anoche, mientras cenábamos, Dudo se convirtió en uno con el calentador de espacio en mi oficina, que quedó encendido solo para él.

The street cleaners are out in all kinds of weather.
Los limpiadores de calles están fuera en todo tipo de clima.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “A smurf sandwich / Un pitufo”

  1. Good morning,on this fine, sunny, crisp, clear Saturday morning! I just enjoyed the treat of reading your last several posts–purple flowers, beautiful bed linens, magnificent views, cats, smurf sandwiches!
    I can’t even imagine how to explain when (or why –ha!) to use shall, unless you’re on an episode of The Crown 🙂

    1. Judy C:
      I love when you visit! I don’t think I have ever used the word shall. I’m sure I’ve never used shan’t. I had to explain THAT to Jesica, as well (to her credit, she immediately knew it would have an apostrophe). She finds English very peculiar.

  2. we just saw snow flurries outside – WTF? not forecasted for today. cold and sunny now.
    dudo warming up; such a cutie.
    I’ll take the sammich minus the tomato puree; I’d add french’s yellow mustard instead.
    I like seeing street life in your town.

    1. anne marie:
      Ooh, would you get looks when you ask formustard! We’ve got more drizzles and grey today, and Dudo just left my office for SG’s warmer one.

  3. I suddenly have an urge for smoked salmon and a nice whole grain roll. Photos of the surfers and skateboarders are often fun.

  4. Mitchell, you are hurting me with that smurf sandwich! We can’t get Iberian ham or manchego here and I adore both! I will try to be happy for you, but it is a struggle. Plus, I twisted my ankle this morning and am currently icing it. Clove (the dog) is “helping” to keep the ice pack in place.

    1. Wilma:
      I am so sorry. Would it help if I lied and told you the Iberian ham isn’t good and the manchego tastes like American cheese? How is the ankle today? I’m glad it was a twist and not a sprain! Very kind of Clove (one of the Spice Girls?).

  5. Like the sound of your favorite MS breakfast roll. Yum.

    Wonder how long it will take those vines to climb over top of those pergolas to provide some shade…though it sounds like sitting on those concrete benches won’t be for the faint-hearted. Imagine they will get pretty hot in the sun, not to mentioned well-divoted by the skate boarders. Not nice.

    Enjoyed the moody low sky/beach photo. And the rolled up net. Almost like a flash art exhibit.

    1. Mary:
      The concrete actually doesn’t get hot (must be some special mix) but they benches aren’t very welcoming and I knew they’d immediatley get chipped. Poor choice, as my sister-in-law would say. I’ll monitor the vines’ progress. Things grow very quickly here. I don’t know how soon they’ll provide shade, but they should look substantial by the end of summer.

  6. Awww, look at Dudo! So comfy. I’m envious, actually. I could use a space heater here. (We’re having similar weather, but colder!)

    1. Steve:
      I feel for you. My sister lived in the Midlands in the ’70s. When she was having surgery, my parents went to visit for a few weeks. It was an old house with heat only in the living/dining room. Bedrooms used hot water bottles! No heat in the bathroom. My father told me once they returned that he couldn’t “go to the bathroom” for three weeks. “It froze!”

  7. That sammich looks dee-lish! Perfect for a not so perfect weather day.
    Here we’re sunny but chilly, and our cats are curled up together for warmth.

    1. Bob:
      I used to have a tostada all the time but now always have a good breakfast at home, so this was a major treat. And it is truly delicious. I don’t know what is with out cats, They don’t cuddle together very often anymore. I think they’re both too used to having us around to cuddle.

  8. Your Smurf of choice sounds good. It’s gray, rainy, and chilly here. I want sun and warmer temps.


  9. That first shot of Dudo makes him look like he’s doing hard time for catnip possession.

      1. Apparently the Spanish spoken around here (Mexican) so different enough in pronunciation and lexicon and such to be a separate language is the lesson Apps and studies. I was studying Spanish from Europe for while. People were constantly correcting my accent and ‘what we really use to say that’

      2. Urspo:
        Yes, it’s very different. I had two friends from California who came to visit in Sevilla. They grew up in Mexican-American families and are fluent in Spanish, so expected no problems. They could NOT make themselves understand much of the time. A tostada is obviously not the same in Mexico. Also, the word pitufo for the size of the roll is I’m told peculiar to Málaga. So I don’t think this lesson will be any help to you in the American Southwest!

  10. Your Smurf sandwich sounds wonderful but for me that is a huge amount of cheese, even though I do like it.

    1. Parsnip:
      There’s something about the flavors and textures all together that makes that not too much cheese for me. it does look like quite a slab in the photo.

  11. That sandwich does indeed look delicious.
    Whenever I find pieces of fish net along the beach I always pick them up and discard at home. But this piece!? Would need a truck to move it by the looks of it.

    1. Jim:
      That particular morning on the beach, I came across a number of fish net cast-offs like that. I wonder it they got tangled in the choppy seas and were simply cut loose. Thankfully, they were cleaned up not long after I walked by.

  12. Yum. I’m sure you’re enjoying your rainy episode. A change in the weather is always good for the soul. As long as it changes back before too long.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      We still haven’t had a really good soaking, which is what I always look forward to. So, the days of drear and drizzles are getting a bit monotonous.

    1. Kirk:
      The coldest it’s been during the day is probably 55. Mostly 60-ish. So, definitely nothing to complain about (although we do anyway).

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