The Musical Streets at Christmas

Strolling around the city during this past week, we have seen some magical street entertainers.  The other night, when we went out to see the lights, there was a man with a marionette and the marionette was playing a marionette-sized grand piano (the classical music was of course pre-recorded).  There was a very serious (and very good) group of carolers, as well as an exceptional jazz combo.



We came upon a performer in a funny costume that I thought was something I had seen before: a man in costume with a stuffed life-sized doll for a partner.  He danced around a small plaza at the top of Avenida de la Constitución and I was impressed with how life-like the female partner appeared to be.  It turned out, the doll wasn’t just sewn or strung to the male figure.  The performer had his feet in the male figure’s shoes and his hands in the female figure’s boots. He was bent at the waist with his head tucked under her skirts as he flew around the street.  It was wild and very impressive.

While out and about today, we saw a very funky, very talented, and unbelievably energetic jazz troop.  The blues singer we had seen the day we received our residency cards was out again and just as good.



The highlight today was an exceptional trio of Russian performers.  They were brilliant, but seemed so sad as they played and even more sad when they completed a set and received warm applause.  Spectators are always generous with the coins they give to performers, but it’s not an easy way to make a living.


I have videos of almost everything, but don’t want to overwhelm you, so I’ve shared screen captures of many of the videos I recorded and have only included two of the videos, finishing with the Russian musicians we saw today. I might post another video here and there in the future. I wouldn’t want you to miss anything!

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “The Musical Streets at Christmas”

  1. OMG! It is never ending with all the entertainment! What a culture it must be, a real melting pot. That dancer was incredible. He must be in really good shape…..wonder what he does to maintain his strength? Well, probably this every day will do it!
    Thanks for this Mitchell.

  2. We had a very refreshing, crisp Spanish champagne with Christmas dinner and Fritz said we mustn't forget to send you two our very best for a very Happy Christmas.

  3. Maria:
    The dancing got even wilder after I stopped recording. "She" led for a while and "He" had both feet of the ground quite a bit (which meant the dancer was dancing while doing a handstand).

  4. Nubian:
    The weather has been glorious. Sunny, 60s (15-20C) every day. Breakfast on the plaza in the sun. Great weather for walking. Cooler than we were used to in Southern California, but very nice.

  5. Hi Mitch,
    Thanks for stopping by today and great to meet you too. Street music, what a great way to celebrate the holiday season. Hope you have a wonderful new year celebration!

  6. Fantastic street music I love it. Street food I love that too. In summer here but not in wet, cold English winter. The Russian guys were most captivating thanks for the video clip.

  7. the cuby poet:
    The street entertainment is really amazing. As for cold English winters, I spent some time in England over the years. Yes, you can keep the winters! I'm waiting for the winter rains to hit Sevilla; we've been blessed with weeks of sunshine.

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