The Difference Between Eggplant and Snot

Q: What’s the difference between eggplant and snot?
A: Kids will eat their snot.

I can’t believe I just told that awful joke. It’s completely out of character for me. Really. San Geraldo, I’m sure, will be in shock (not because it bothers him, but because he won’t be able to believe I told it). Of course, there’s always the possibility San Geraldo won’t even get the joke.

And that opening will certainly make the rest of this post (on eggplant) so much less appetizing. Sorry. But sometimes the inner child just screams and screams until I let him out. (He’s never gotten quite this far.)

San Geraldo prepared eggplant last night that, yes, even kids would like. He found the recipe, Poor Man’s Steak, online at We both think it’s the best eggplant dish we’ve ever had. We had some leftovers with our lunch salad this afternoon. Delicious cold a day later, too. If you’re interested in the recipe, click here.


Since the opening joke was so disgusting, I had considered using instead another eggplant joke I know.

Q: What water produces the best eggplant?
A: Perspiration.

See why I chose disgusting?

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37 thoughts on “The Difference Between Eggplant and Snot”

    1. About that 'delicious' eggplant ….

      It WAS really edible, but it is not my favorite. Don't tell Cubby. Half of a great meal is the company you enjoy it with. Ssshhhhh.

  1. Gro-o-an….that was for the joke. But the recipe looks good, I am definitely going to try that. Eggplant parmesan is divine but very heavy on the calories. This looks like a delicious alternative. In fact I spent some time browsing that website and there are some excellent recipes to try. Thanks for the link! Good luck to San Geraldo, and lucky you living with such an excellent and adventurous cook!

    1. Judith:
      I published this post really quickly so I wouldn't have a chance for second thoughts! San Geraldo is doing great and not suffering at all. I love eggplant parmesan but this is completely different. I think you'll love it.

  2. Love the title! Let it out Mitch!! lol

    I/we can't tolerate eggplant in any form I'm afraid. It's the texture that gets me! A tad on the slimy side…..just like……

  3. My stomach used to turn over at the mention of eggplant, then one in a galaxy far away ~~~~~ I ate Moussaka, an incredible Moussaka and now I'm a convert.
    And, I don't have to eat my snot anymore.


  4. I'm going to try that! The recipe, not revisiting childhood habits. 🙂 I keep seeing these beautiful eggplants at the farmer's market, and wondering what I would do with one if I got one. I've had so-so results with eggplants in the past–when I'm doing the cooking, anyway.

  5. I thought that this sounded interesting, never having had egg plant (or, aubergine, as we say here) since my mum occasionally used to slice one, fry it and drop it in as an ingredient of the veg curries she used to make me. (Must be around 20 years last since.) Then I clicked on the recipe, with the usual result. "Bah! Too much palaver so I won't bother!" Still, you've now tickled my curiosity and I might now buy one, slice it up and fry it – and see what happens.

  6. Methinks it is the filling rather than the vegetable itself. Whatever you can do to eggplant to make it have a taste is good. Personally I think any eggplant recipe should begin with, remove the slimy inside…

    We have, maybe it is worldwide, a thing called chokos. They are smaller but similarly uninteresting, only useful as a case to fill up.

    1. Andrew:
      This recipe definitely works to "remove the slimy inside," which means the texture of the eggplant was really nice. And I loved the flavor even without the sauce. But my sense is it still wouldn't work for you.

  7. Thanks for your suggestion re adding ready-made sauce, Mitch. I've had another idea. Coat the slices in batter and THEN fry 'em. It would really stretch all my cooking 'skills' but it just might turn out to be an addition to the predictable weekly meals cycle.

    1. Raybeard:
      Well, coating and frying I think defeats the purpose. Besides, if you're chef enough to batter and fry (which impressed me no end), you're chef enough to do it per the recipe.

  8. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that eggplant is one of my favorite foods…. fried, baked… it's all good. I'll try that recipe for sure. As for the snot… I think okra wins the "prize" for that.

  9. I looooooooove eggplant! And because I have the sense of humour of an 8-yo, I loved the first joke, too. I am still trying to understand the second one, ha ha ha!

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