Waves Upon a Tropical Shore

Fashion dictates (I believe) that I wear a scarf when the temperature drops below 27C/80F. It’s been in the high teens (60sF) during the day. Scarf weather. Gloriously sunny, spend the day outside, scarf weather. But today, San Geraldo’s “cyclonic winds” were back… for a little while. And the temperature? Well, it only made it up to 15C/59F! Can you imagine?


Today’s “winter chill” made me think of another of my favorite holiday songs. I’d never seen this original, two-duet version. Too bad it’s colorized, but it’s still great.

Speaking of colorizing: Our apartment is being painted this week (living room, dining room, and halls). San Geraldo and I bought the paint with big plans to do it ourselves. I wanted to hire someone, but I thought San Geraldo wanted to do the work (and save the money). The buckets of paint sat in the dining room, day after day. I’ve been dusting them regularly.


Meticulous in many things, I tend to just slap paint on walls. San Geraldo can take four hours to do one window frame. We learned on Skype that Linda and Tom (sister and brother-in-law in South Dakota) painted half their house in the first two days after we bought our paint. That was more than a week ago. I groaned and told them I would hire someone if it weren’t for the fact that San Geraldo wanted to do it himself. San Geraldo said, “I don’t necessarily want to do it myself. I thought you wouldn’t want to spend the money.” Thirty-two years together.


I know a painter. I asked him. He starts Tuesday morning. Can’t wait to show you the dramatic (I hope) before-and-after photos. But that might have to wait until we recover the sofa and chairs. They’re looking kind of tired and we can’t get Dudo to understand that they’re not scratching posts.


Santi (our painter) was supposed to start at 8:30 this morning. Something came up; so he’s starting tomorrow instead. Since we were already up and dressed, we went to Cafe Manila a couple of hours earlier than usual. It was a bit darker under the awning at 8:15. So dark that San Geraldo thought he was still wearing his sunglasses. You can see below how the very clever San Geraldo determined that he wasn’t wearing them.


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