Kake, cacahuete

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WHEN WE’VE TOLD LOCAL FRIENDS about the different Norwegian desserts San Geraldo enjoys making and we’ve shared some of those desserts with them (click here and here), they find it entertaining that the Norwegian word for cake is “kake,” which is pronounced like caca (kaka).

Caca is the Spanish word for “poop.” Oh, how they laugh. I don’t know why they find it so funny. The Spanish word for peanut is cacahuete. If you break that into two Spanish words, it translates to “poop smells.”

Anyway, San Geraldo went to the supermarket yesterday and surprised me with a bag of dark chocolate poop smells. They’re surprisingly delicious.


CUANDO HEMOS CONTADO A AMIGOS locales sobre los diferentes postres noruegos que San Geraldo disfruta hacer y hemos compartido algunos de esos postres con ellos (haz clic aquí y aquí), les resulta entretenido que la palabra noruega para pastel sea “kake”, que se pronuncia como caca (kaka).

Oh, cómo se ríen. No sé por qué les resulta tan divertido. La palabra en español para peanut es cacahuete. Si lo divide en dos palabras en español, “huele a caca”?

De todos modos, ayer San Geraldo fue al supermercado y me sorprendió con una bolsa de chocolate en huete a caca. Son sorprendentemente deliciosos.

• Dinner last night on Kathleen and Pedro’s patio. Our first meal together in a very long time, and our first visit to their new home.
• Cena anoche en el patio de Kathleen y Pedro. Nuestra primera comida juntos en mucho tiempo y nuestra primera visita a su nuevo hogar.

• Pedro made garbanzos and meatballs. Perfect.
• Pedro hizo garbanzos y albóndigas. Perfecto.

• San Geraldo brought a loaf of banana bread — and served slabs.
• San Geraldo trajo una barra de pan de plátano — y sirvió trozos.

• Dudo and Moose are still waiting for the doves to return. Here’s Moose on sentry duty. The glass curtain will be washed this week. (Deferred maintenance while I obsessed about my drivers license.)
• Dudo y Moose todavía están esperando que regresen las palomas. Aquí está Moose de guardia. La cortina de vidrio se lavará esta semana. (Mantenimiento diferido mientras estaba obsesionado con mi licencia de conducir).

• Amendoins, peanuts in Portuguese.
• Amendoins, cacahuetes en portugués.

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28 thoughts on “Kake, cacahuete”

    1. Jim:
      I love anything with garbanzos, but this is a truly excellent dish. Satisfying, healthy, filling.

  1. How happy you must have been to visit Kathleen and Pedro’s new home. Is that their pool or a neighbor’s?

    Talk of Norwegian desserts always reminds me of the lefse I used to eat when I lived in MN. Warm off the lefse griddle, spread with a thin layer of butter and then sprinkled with brown sugar. Yum. Used to have my own lefse stick (long flat wooden stick that you use to turn the lefse on the grill) with a beautiful, painted Norwegian design on the handle. No idea what became of it.

    1. Mary:
      It was a wonder to be able to sit and enjoy a meal together again. I missed the boys, though, who were both sound asleep. There are several pools in a cluster that are shared by the community. Beautiful shared gardens plus their own and a wonderful house. Oh, we adore lefse. Used to order it by the case from Seattle. And then inhale it! Probably a good thing I can´t find it here.

    1. Urspo:
      I wish all Spanish words came with interesting stories that made them easy to remember.

  2. Great word, cacahuete. In French, it’s almost the same… add an accent, drop the sound of the last e (cacahuète ). Although… when it’s peanut oil, they use arachidel’huile d’arachide.
    I’m glad you had a nice dinner with friends!

    1. Judy C:
      Not only our first dinner with Pedro and Kathleen, but our first in anyone’s home. What a treat.

    1. Bob:
      It tastes better than it sounds, but I suppose once you have it in your head…

  3. Wow, what a beautiful view from their patio! I wonder how the Spanish came up with “cacahuetes” for peanuts, given the meaning of the two words individually? Is it just a coincidence or is there a relationship between peanuts and “poop smells” that I’m not understanding?

    1. Steve:
      It’s similar in French; maybe it’s of Latin origin. Pedro and Kathleen are just 7 minutes drive from us, but it’s like a different world. Quiet, starlit.

    1. Deedles:
      I’ll take them both. I love garbanzo beans — almost as much as I love dark chocolate (poop smells).

      1. Blurgh! I loathe those things! They’re like crunchy little butts and not in a good way.

      2. Deedles:
        SG’s favorite are chocolate-covered raisins. If the peanuts are like crunchy little butts, what are the raisins?

  4. Also “cacahuète” in French, pronounced [kah-kah-wet] which is almost as funny as “poop smells.” But they’re also known as “arachide” [ah-rah-sheed]. Nothin’ funny there.

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      I assumed, given the similarity, the root must be Latin. And there it is: Arachis hypogaea.

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        And that would have The Kid Brother taking me into a Nut n Honey tv commercial! Nuttin Honey, sir?

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