Kake Kage Caca Caga… Cake

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San Geraldo didn’t make his traditional Norwegian Kransekake (wreath cake) this Christmas. It’s a huge amount of work with inconsistent results. But it’s so delicious. I really missed it, so I went to a few of the local Scandinavian markets to see what I could find. I was sort of successful at one shop. Although they don’t carry the complete ring towers famous in Norway (they wouldn’t ship well), they do have small packages of the pastry (this one from Sweden and called “kage” instead of “kake”).

At €4.25 for four little pieces, it’s ridiculously expensive. But I thought I would splurge for today’s lunchtime dessert. You might remember that “kake” (pronounced “kah-kah”) in Norwegian means cake. And “caca” (or caga) in Spanish means poop. So, it surprises our Spanish friends when I tell them we love to eat many kinds of Norwegian kake.

As for today’s “Kransekage”: Well, it wasn’t PURE “caca,” but I won’t buy it again… even though it was dipped in chocolate.

Click here, here, and here to experience the history of kransekake at our house.


San Geraldo no hizo su tradiciónal kransekake (pastel de corona) de noruega ésta navidad. Es una gran cantidad de trabajo con resultados inconsistentes. Pero es tan delicioso. Realmente me lo perdí, así que fui a algunos de los mercados escandinavos locales para ver qué podía encontrar. Tuve algo de éxito en una tienda. Aunque no tienen las torres de anillo completas famosas en Noruega (no se enviarían bien), tienen paquetes pequeños de pastelería (este de Suecia y que se llama “kage” en lugar de “kake”).

A 4,25 € por cuatro piezas pequeñas, es ridículamente caro. Pero pensé que iba a derrochar el postre de hoy para el almuerzo. Tal vez recuerdes que “kake” (pronunciado “kah-kah”) en noruego significa pastel. Entonces, sorprende a nuestros amigos españoles cuando les digo que nos encanta comer muchos tipos de kake noruego.

En cuanto al “Kransekage” de hoy: Bueno, no fue “caca” PURA, pero no lo compraré de nuevo… a pesar de que fue sumergido en chocolate.

Haz clic aquí , aquí, y aquí para ver la historia de kransekake en nuestra casa.

I should have been suspicious when I saw they had hyphenated the product name! Who approved THAT design?!? (The “r” in the name makes it plural.) / ¡Debería haber sospechado cuando vi que tenían un guión con el nombre del producto! ¿¡¿Quién aprobó ESE diseño?!? (La “r” en el nombre lo hace plural.)

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  1. After all the carry-on of the past few weeks I started looking over my notifications and one notificator was missing – YOU! then I recalled that Laurent mentioned you had moved over to WordPress and here you are. So I am not getting notificated and have some catching up to do.

    Welcome to WordPress – not sure if your experience was the same as mine but the transition wasn’t exactly seamless and the new Editor is a bit of a challenge at times. I’m sure the Support people see my moniker come up and argue over who will be the lucky SOB to take the chat!

    Rather than try to read all the posts at once I shall saunter through them at a leisurely pace and catch up with doings chez vous.

    1. Willym,
      Oh so glad you’re getting notificated again. I’ve missing seeing you here! The transition wasn’t as easy as promised and adjusting to one editor and then a new one can be slow. But WordPress DOES provide direct help, which Blogger does not. So I‘m glad I made the switch. Have fun sauntering.

  2. SG’s creations look like a labor of love; and are truly gorgeous – even the one that lost its mojo has a certain charm. Too bad that store-bought kaka is caca.

    1. Wilma,
      Jerry’s creations are often works of art… definitely labors of love. And yes that storebought kage was pretty much caca.. and not worth the price.

  3. I’ve never heard of Norwegian Wreath Cake before, but what a magnificent dessert when it behaves itself!

    1. Larrymuffin,
      I think Jerry needs to get in the kitchen and produce some of his other Norwegian specialties.

  4. A good friend of mine who is of Scandinavian background made one of these when I was at her house recently. It’s was insane how much time went into it. I didn’t try it, as it was for a wedding, but it sure looked good.

    1. Mistress Maddie,
      I can’t believe the work Jerry does on this. Even his gourmet cousin in Norway buys hers every year.

    1. David,
      In Fuengirola alone I’m guessing well over a dozen. We have a large Scandinavian population and an especially large Finnish population. Quite a surprise.

  5. Gosh darnit, why’d ya gotta go and make me salivate??

    More seriously, I scanned your last posts. I’m fighting the depression monster too. Damn beast. It’s like a heavy weight of empty. But I have the Prius now. And we are loved. =)

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