Seeing a Stork in Sevilla: Good or Bad Omen?

There are a number of superstitions about storks. Among them:

1.  If a stork builds a nest on your house, your house will never burn down nor will it ever be visited by robbers.
2.  Killing a stork is considered unlucky. (I should hope so.)
3.  A black stork is said to bring rain.
4.  A white stork is said to bring drought.
5.  A pair of lovers who see a stork will have a baby before long.

While out for lunch in the neighborhood with some friends yesterday, I noticed a beautiful ruin of a roofline in the near distance. No one knew for certain what the roofline belonged to. It may be attached to an old church entrance that still stands on the nearby Calle Feria. I’ll have to go back and explore to see if I can find out.

As I was admiring the structure, I noticed at the highest point what I first thought was a large plastic, decorative bird. I then realized that it, of course, wouldn’t be plastic or decorative. I took out my camera and zoomed in (although not very well) on a live stork on a nest atop the tower. I also caught a brief glimpse of a young stork on the nest as it briefly flapped its wings from beneath the adult, (although I couldn’t get a photo of the baby from that distance — and therefore don’t know if it’s a storkling or storklet).

I don’t know what it portends. Since the nest isn’t on our house, #1 is out; we’ve got no protection from fire or theft. I definitely won’t be risking #2 by killing anything. It wasn’t a black stork, so we shouldn’t expect rain; that rules out #3. Which leaves #4 and #5. I hope for everyone’s sake it’s not a drought. And although San Geraldo was with me and we are in fact a “pair of lovers,” I am absolutely ruling out #5 (although I am curious to know how that would be accomplished — for one thing, neither of us being of child-bearing age).

I leave you all to consider superstition(?) #6:
Humans who betray their marriage partners will have their eyes pecked out by a stork.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Seeing a Stork in Sevilla: Good or Bad Omen?”

  1. Las grullas traen bebitos…and that is common knowledge…just think about your newly acquired kitties…they could be the reason for the stork.

    Or…you might consider adopting a real baby of the human persuasion…lol


  2. I am very impressed with your eyesight! Fabulous ruins, it must have been a spectacular building in its heyday. I'm sure the stork must be a good luck symbol.

    1. Elaine:
      It was a very exciting discovery. We had seen dozens of nesting storks when we went to the coast a few months ago, but it never dawned on us we might see one right here in the city. Now I will be even more attentive to what's around me.

  3. Gee, with all of those superstitions about storks, it sorta takes the fun out of birdwatching. In the future, you may want to avert your eyes!

  4. Yes, of COURSE, it's all because you two are not of child-bearing age 😉 I hadn't realized 😉

    As I was reading your post, I thought to myself, "When the heck is the last time anyone ever actually saw a stork??" And, then, holy cow! You see one! Up in the ruins! Will this town of Sevilla and your events therein never cease to amaze us?

    p.s. I'm going with Raulito's "new kitties" theory about the whole thing (though I like superstition #6, as well)

  5. Too cold around here for Storks! So this doesn't apply to us! Phew!lol How cool to see these critters in the city!

  6. What an amazing beastie to spot!

    Reminds me of a poster I saw a while ago. The poster proclaimed that if schools were going to have to teach creationism alongside evolution then they should also have to teach the stork theory alongside sex-education. …

  7. Hello Mitch:

    Here, throughout Hungary, storks and their nests are frequently to be seen in villages where, as we understand it, a certain rivalry exists between those villages which have them and those which do not.

  8. I thought the small birds in my yard were an annoying blessing with their droppings everywhere.
    Fair warning, don't look up as they fly overhead.

    1. Stew:
      Isn't it supposed to be good luck when a bird poops on your head? Imagine all the luck we'd have! (But you're right. One should never look up when birds are overhead.)

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