Where Are All the Puritans?

Jerry and I have happily noted since living in Spain that Spaniards, in general, do not have the same Puritanical approach to life as we Americans. Mothers breast-feeding their infants in public are never an embarrassment. Bared bottoms and breasts are not shameful (or censored) on television. And advertising tends to be a bit more risque (by American Puritanical standards). One specific television commercial, however, did surprise us the first time we saw it and, admittedly, still shocks us just a bit (while it makes us laugh out loud). Dudo found it very entertaining last night when he happened to catch it for the first time. This requires no special language skills. You will definitely understand.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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24 thoughts on “Where Are All the Puritans?”

  1. They're just one step from showing the product in use! I love it when the cats watch TV. My queen cat will watch for long stretches if there's a lot of movement. I wonder if that's a sign of intelligence.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      We had two other cats (also brothers) a few years back. Dobie was obsessed with the TV. Like Dudo, he would try to swat the images and he would explore the back of the TV to see if he could figure out where they were coming from. His brother Maynard was completely oblivious to the TV, as is Dudo's brother, Moose. We assumed Dobie was brilliant and Maynard was dim. Then we read that good cat vision is much too keen to see the images on TV; they instead should see the color dots that form the images. If that's true, Dobie, Dudo, and your queen may just be visually impaired.

  2. Yes … the meaning was quite clear. And you would never ever see the actual "thing" on U.S. TV. At least that I would agree with!! : )

  3. So just maybe Spaniards have a healthier outlook?! I do think so from my vantage point anyway. Can you just imagine all those processions here in North America? We'd all be sent to the seminary or convent!! lol

  4. I thought the ad was for SHOES at first. And then…at the end…I burst out laughing. But…you know…it is very practical when you think about it. One of the things that worries women most at that time is odor. So…

    1. Maria:
      You mean it wasn't for shoes???

      Most of the commercials we've seen for these products include not-so-subtle crotch shots to also make it clear that your free and active movement is not inhibited. It's very entertaining.

  5. Flash-back to my youth!
    Having grown up with 5 girls in the house, I know way more about that stuff than any guy should ever.
    Much more descriptive here than "Slip it in a blotter" whatever that is.

  6. I think Europeans are extremely happy that the puritans sailed away across the sea. "Phew! They're finally gone! Good riddance! Open the wine! Let's have a parade! Bring out the virgins!"

  7. I was trying to see if the nail varnish matched the shoes!! I can't decide whether this would make British TV but then BBC channels have no adverts which I prefer, no interruption to viewing then no time to make a cup of tea.

  8. the cuby poet:
    I think it would make British TV. You very intelligently made all those Puritans feel unwelcome ages ago! (Although, I should be careful what I say; some of Jerry's ancestors were Puritans… But they finally saw the light.)

  9. It's good that Spain doesn't have a Puritan past (yes, I know about the Spanish Inquisition). The wonder is that New England has been able to separate from its Puritan heritage. Boston, where I spent my entire career from age 17, shed its Puritan repression (and Catholic guilt, a toxic combination) and became a rational, liberal, gay-friendly arts and intellectual town.

    Spain, for me, is filled with Mediterranean sensuality, warmth and color.

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