Driven Batty By Vodafone

Oh, the huge joke that is Vodafone customer service…


I shared our Vodafone saga with you back on June 11 in a very large nutshell. The nutshell has gotten larger… and nuttier. I won’t go into all the details. You can get up to speed (or down to Vodafone’s speed) by clicking here.

Why I’m Batty
We canceled Vodafone service (mobiles, home phone, internet) in Sevilla and switched to Movistar when we moved here February 2013. They charged us for 3 months. I called. They agreed it was their mistake and gave us a full refund.

Then they started charging us again. I called and called. We emailed. I called. It took a while until we realized we could simply block them from our bank account. So, they said we owed them money. I called and called. They said we owed them money. Our friend the Goddess Elena called and called.

Finally, in June 2014, they refunded us… except for one month they decided we owed them. We didn’t but, at that point, I gave up.

After a series of imbecilic text messages from Vodafone (telling me our service was reinstated, our service was canceled, call if we want to reinstate service), I received a text message that we owed 36+ euros for our last month of service in June 2014. They’ve called and called. I’ve argued and argued. And now we’re back with a Collections Agency. When they call, I simply hang up.

The Goddess Elena and I might go into Málaga to Vodafone’s main office. Then again, I might just keep hanging up. For me, it’s become entertaining.

Watch this brief video to understand our Vodafone experience…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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