Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout The Birds And The Sheep

On our walk to El Jazzy Cafe for morning coffee, we passed some mock oranges in bloom. I leaned close to snap a picture and to get a good strong whiff of the sweet fragrance when a bee shot out of the flower cluster.

I squawked, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!” as I jumped back.

San Geraldo burst out laughing. We wish there were video.


When I first met with the surgeon about my hernia, he reviewed my medical history in the medical center’s online system.

With a lift of one of his dark and substantial eyebrows, the surgeon asked what sounded to me like, “¿Se muerde una obeja?” (“Did a sheep bite you?”)

“Perdona?” I responded.

He explained that, according to my medical records I am severely allergic to “obejas,” and he wondered how I knew.

I laughed. “No obejas! Las avejas!”

“Not sheep! Bees!”

Back to El Jazzy
When we got to El Jazzy, we saw again the spectacular display of roses climbing the fence that separates the Roman Ruins park (click here) from some tennis courts. The fragrance is amazing and I wish I could post that, too. I kept my distance and took some pictures. These are the true colors of our day. (Click any image and then just imagine…)

It’s time you learned about the facts of life…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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