Love Is Patient

My first five surgery staples were removed Monday. The final five were removed Wednesday. Between Monday and Wednesday, the area had swelled more than expected and I got a friendly lecture (in Spanish) from the nurse about over-doing it. I explained to her that I have a difficult time remembering the Spanish word for “should” and instead regularly use the word “could.” So, since I “could” walk long distances really quickly just like before, I didn’t wonder if I “should.” The nurse simply laughed.

I had made my “should” and “could” defense entirely in Spanish. (“A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client.”)

After that, I sauntered slowly home from the medical center and I’ve been pouting a lot ever since.

I’ve gone through all the chocolate from San Geraldo, all the chocolate from Linda and Tom, all the chocolate from Jessica, and I am about to start on the gourmet chocolate Judyshannonstreetwhat (see previous post) brought from Seattle’s Pike Place Market.


I’m recovering well, although, lounging around so much does not do wonders for my clinical depression. Too much quiet time in my own head. And that’s not always a good place to be. But, the fact that I’m able to tell you about it, tells me that I’m on the road to emotional recovery, too.

Besides, if this is all I have to complain about, I need to just get over my-damn-self! (Not always as easy as it sounds.)

I’m so glad love and San Geraldo are patient and kind…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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