That Funny Reefer Man

Saturday, we went to Vivero La Vega, our favorite garden center (vivero) to restock the terrace now that the cyclonic winds of winter have passed… and the bugs of spring and summer have returned. While shopping, San Geraldo pointed out a couple of shelves devoted to the successful maintenance of cannabis plants. The garden center — and the cannabis — made me think of My Mother The Dowager Duchess.

In 1974, my parents went to the spring arts show on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights. My artsy mother bought a few things, including two silk-screened T-shirts. One shirt was for me, she said, and had a repeating pattern across the chest and back of nude male and female silhouettes. Very cool.

Being the ultimate gardener, The Duchess picked up what she called a “botanical” T-shirt for herself.

“A beautiful leaf pattern,” she said as she showed it to me.

I smiled.  “Mom, that’s pot.”

“It’s what?” she asked.

“Pot,” I repeated. “Marijuana.”

“What’s another word for that?”


“Oh!” she blurted. “When I went to pay, the artist was really pleased and said, ‘Oh, you’re buying the cannabis shirt.’

“I had no idea what she was talking about, so I just smiled and said, ‘Yes, I love it.”

She thought a moment and then said, “Well, now I can’t wear this. Here, you take it.”


Yeah man…

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