Sailing Away

I love sales. But I hate Christmas shopping. And something I hate even more than Christmas shopping is Black Friday. I figured I had seen the last of that phenomenon when we left the USA for Spain. But Black Friday appears to be catching on all over the world. Most people (even Americans) have no idea why it’s called Black Friday — probably because it’s the beginning of the period when retailers finally show profits (black ink) instead of losses (red ink).

I was at El Corte Inglés Thursday afternoon. It’s the largest department store group in Europe and Spain’s only remaining department store chain. I was there because I felt like taking a walk and because I especially enjoy their Hipercor on the lower level. That’s their chain of household and food products.

I wasn’t concerned about the Black Friday sales and the hordes of shoppers those would bring the next day. But, when I arrived, the signs outside advertised Black Friday as, oddly, running from Thursday through Sunday at El Corte Inglés. Fortunately, no one seemed to care.

Anyway, there were some random racks and tables with 30 percent markdowns. Everything else was regular price. I’ll stick to their standard winter and summer sales. And, from what I’ve heard from friends today, I will be avoiding the shops this weekend.

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An old feeling for me: My body’s at home and my heart’s in the wind.

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