In Lieu Of Flowers

I will be responding to each and every message once this week is over and can never thank you all enough for your kindness. San Geraldo and I are, and the Dowager Duchess would be (and, who knows, maybe she is) overwhelmed.

This morning we say our formal good-byes to my mother, Marion Block.

All has gone smoothly this week. San Geraldo has earned his title “San” ten-fold. I´m thinking of awarding him a double halo.

The Kid Brother has been great. He´s been watching the weather forecast and is convinced there´s going to be a storm this morning.

When I told him it wouldn´t storm this morning (just so he´d relax and actually show up; how the hell would I know if it will storm or not?), he said, ¨How much ya wanna bet?¨

I said, “A billion dollars!”

He said, “You jerk! I´ll betcha four dollahs!”

The bet is on. I was kind of hoping it would storm. Then he´d be sure to be outside waiting for San Geraldo just to collect his money.

San Geraldo is picking him up at 7 this morning and bringing him back here. We three will then head off in the limo (The Kid Brother really wanted a white one) for our day of grateful remembrance.

For those who have been asking, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to:

AHRC New York City
A family governed organization committed to finding ways for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to build full lives as defined by each person and supported by dedicated families, staff and community partners.
or write or call:
AHRC New York City Foundation, Inc.
83 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038

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