Off The Wall And A Full Moon

We said our farewells to My Mother The Dowager Duchess Wednesday morning. The Kid Brother was exceptional. The day went smoothly. Several raindrops hit the windshield of the limo as we headed to the cemetery. It never really rained on us and there was no storm, but those three raindrops meant I had to fork over $4 (click here if you missed that story). I was happy to do so.

So, now San Geraldo and I are making phone calls, scheduling appointments, doing paperwork, cleaning house… We appear to have everything under control.

We had planned a trip here at the end of the month, which was to continue to the Midwest and Northwest for other family visits. We have decided to stick to that plan.

San Geraldo and The Kid Brother went today to the casino at Aqueduct Racetrack. The Kid Brother had a very successful day. San Geraldo did not. And I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with my cousin Evie who drove in from New Jersey. We visited our Aunt Sylvie, who will be 94 this year but, sadly, lives in a deep fog of dementia. We then headed out for lunch. So much to be grateful for.

Before Evie´s arrival, I went for a walk on the Boardwalk in the 95+ degree heat (35C) and high humidity. The weather here has been brutal. Still, the walk was a joy. And I did my parents´ traditional kick-off (click here for an earlier kick-off) at the end of Brighton Beach and the beginning of Manhattan Beach. The Boardwalk has been redone and it´s no longer the same wall, but it still counts and it still felt great.

Life goes on. Gratitude grows.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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