Fashion forward / Moda vanguardista

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I have missed some really daring plaid-on-plaid outfits lately. When I mentioned that to Nick, he didn’t know what I meant. Once San Geraldo described the pattern, Nick said, “Oh, we call that tartan.” I use tartan when I’m talking about a Scottish clan’s specific pattern. Somehow, the combinations I see around town don’t seem worthy of the term.

Anyway, I’ve still managed to capture some of Fuengirola’s fashionistas at their best. There’s also a photo taken in Málaga last week — days before Torremolinos Pride — when Lulu helped me select the perfect outfit for my upcoming birthday (in six days). I attached my own wings, bigger of course. Size queen. And wouldn’t we all just love to see that photo? (No, we wouldn’t.)

I spent the day in Málaga yesterday. You’ll soon hear and see all about it. The final photo was taken outside the cathedral. Last night, we had my pre-birthday dinner complements of Nick and Alyson. Superb food and friends. You’ll soon hear (and see) all about that, too.

Nutrition and Fitness Report
Stretching: Once a day.
Walking: 10+ km / 6+ miles Thursday.
Gym: On my way for a chest, back, and leg workout.


He echado de menos algunos conjuntos realmente atrevidos de cuadros escoceses últimamente. Cuando le mencioné eso a Nick, él no sabía a qué me refería. Una vez que San Geraldo describió el patrón, Nick dijo: “Oh, a eso lo llamamos tartán”. Uso tartán cuando hablo del patrón específico de un clan escocés.

De alguna manera, las combinaciones que veo en la ciudad no parecen dignas del término. De todos modos, todavía he logrado capturar a algunos de los amantes de la moda de Fuengirola en su mejor momento. También hay una foto tomada en Málaga la semana pasada, días antes del Orgullo de Torremolinos, cuando Lulu me ayudó a elegir el atuendo perfecto para mi próximo cumpleaños. Adjunté mis propias alas, más grandes, por supuesto. Tamaño reina. ¿Y no nos encantaría a todos ver esa foto? (No, no lo haríamos.)

Ayer pasé el día en Málaga. Pronto escuchará y verá todo al respecto. La foto final fue tomada fuera de la catedral. Anoche tuvimos mi cena previa al cumpleaños con Nick y Alyson. Excelente comida y amigos. Pronto escucharás (y verás) todo sobre eso también.

Informe de Nutrición y Estado Físico
Estiramiento: Una vez al día.
Caminando: 10+ km / 6+ millas jueves.
Gimnasio: En camino para pecho, espalda, y piernas.

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24 thoughts on “Fashion forward / Moda vanguardista”

  1. A bunch of people looking very comfortable. And yes you want larger wings, and yes we want the photos.

  2. Now all I can think of is that leather harness with the wings. In the interest of photojournalistic truth and integrity, you MUST post the photo of you in that outfit! And of course, bigger wings goes without saying.

    Difficult to focus on those prints/plaids.
    YES, we want a pic of you! We want a pic of you in full regalia!! lol

  4. As the connoisseur of mixed patterns, the first one: the pants are too long. I enjoy the mix of black-and-white and color, in the second. The third is okay because the patterns are somewhat similar; the longs and shorts are still a No and, sue me, I don’t mind the last two.
    That said, I’d like to see more beachgoers of the male persuasion, in those first outfits, and of course, you in your wings!

    1. Bob:
      I’m not a fan of Capri pants and especially not on men. They remind of my childhood in pedal pushers and clam diggers. And, oh, the beachgoers I’ve been seeing lately. I’d take pictures but I’d look like a pervert.

    1. Judy C:
      If you see any outfit you like, let me know and I’ll pick one up for you.

  5. Some real doozies here, Mitchell! I do love the graphic prints of the top and bottom of the photo just below Lulu, just not on one person at the same time!

  6. Those are definitely some interesting mix-and-match combinations! I like how Lulu appears to be giving the mannequin a grope. It DEFINITELY needs bigger wings. What’s up with those pathetic little things?!

    1. Steve:
      Size queen! (But, honestly, I don’t know the purpose of those puny things.)

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      The tourists are back, so the fashion is back. It’s a feast for the eyes.

  7. One of these pics is not like the other.
    One of these pics, doesn’t belong.
    Can you guess which pic is not like the other
    By the time I finish this song.
    (With a nod to Sesame Street.)

    1. Sassybear:
      I remember that song. Thanks to my brother, my experiences of children’s television lasted for years.

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