Splish Splash, He Was Taking a Bath

The other day (or maybe it was “long about a Saturday night”), Jerry was splishing and splashing in the tub. Really, he was splishing and splashing in the shower, but that’s not the point. Dudo likes to keep him company. The bathroom door was open and, as I walked by, I spotted Dudo up on the counter with something dangling from between his teeth. I saw that it was the rubber drain plug hanging at the end of its chain. I watched Dudo carefully maneuver the rubber plug over to the drain in the sink.


Once Dudo had the drain plug positioned, he turned on both taps, adjusted the temperature, filled the sink with water, and stepped in for a bath. 
I may have exaggerated (well… lied) about Dudo getting the drain plug into position. I also may have exaggerated (well… lied) about him filling the sink with water — his little paws haven’t been able to manage the faucets just yet (although he has tried). But he did step in and give himself a bath.




Author: Moving with Mitchell

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35 thoughts on “Splish Splash, He Was Taking a Bath”

  1. Don't you just love kitties playing and cleaning themselves…I know one person who misses having a kitty desperately!

  2. Being a "cat" person (don't dislike dogs… just like cats more) I loved this post. That last shot of Dudo made me laugh. I had a cat who would follow me into the bathroom, but would get bored waiting for me to get out of the shower, so she'd jump on the sink (which was next to the door) and she'd paw at the doorknob until it opened to let herself out. Sooooo… Dudo may very well figure out that faucet someday.

    1. The Odd Essay:
      Dudo is clever like that. One of our former cats, Thelma, seemed very smart… until she came to a partially closed door. She could never figure out that if she just butted it with her head or tapped it with her paw, it would swing open. Instead, she would lie on the floor and shove her paws underneath, which sometimes surprised her by causing the door to open; if the door didn't open then, she would whine until we opened it for her.

      Dudo, on the other hand, already knows how to open dresser drawers.

  3. Adorable! Have you given him an actual bath yet? Or do cats not need baths (a rather embarrassing question as I have a cat).

    1. Walt the Fourth:
      When we got our first cats together in '96, I picked up a book on cat care. The writer explained about bathing the cat once a week and brushing its teeth every day. I was appalled. Jerry read it and burst out laughing. He had cats his entire childhood and never once did he give one a bath or attempt to brush its teeth. I have heard of the very rare cat that likes to immerse in water… but that's very rare. Our cat Thelma liked to be splashed when I was in the shower (she would peer at me through the shower door and wait), but there's no way she would have let me bathe her. They clean themselves just fine without our help.

    1. J&L:
      Jerry has always loved cats. I had never had one until we bought our first two in '96. I was immediately converted. Entertaining, affectionate, and great for the blood pressure (usually).

  4. Oh, heavens, your two sweet kitties have really taken to you guys. I guess they know when there is a loving atmosphere in the air, and they have just soaked it all in. I sooooo miss having a cat .
    I would certainly laugh out loud with Jerry about the idea of giving a cat a bath– ha! My first cat was once sprayed with skunk spray, so we had to try to give him a tomato juice bath… what a mess! Good old Butterscotch flew all over that bathroom and shook tomato juice everywhere, to boot. I'm sure we all got a good scratch or 20 out of it, too 🙂

  5. I just love that darling kitty and his expressive tail! We have a cat that loves to dash into the shower when I get out and chase the water droplets running down the wall.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I had completely forgotten, our cat Thelma used to do that, too. Dudo and Moose have begun to climb into the tub but they haven't been chasing water trails yet.

    1. Didactic Pirate:
      I need more patience. I've had a couple of great opportunities, but he then takes off for another room, runs back in again, off again… Lots of wood floor shots!

  6. What a handsome kitty, with such green eyes and the pinkest of pink noses! What is it with cats in basins – it must be the convenient shape and size.

    1. Judith:
      The eyes get really intense at different angles. Dudo fits perfectly into that sink and it's nice and cool. But he only seems to hang out there when Jerry's is nearby.

  7. The first time I saw your Dudo it was love at first sight, the pink-nosed, pink-tongued little beauty. Pity that he's only one of many, though the truth is that the cat I always like best is the one I'm looking at at any particular moment.

    1. Raybeard:
      I totally agree. Friends of ours were just in town for a visit and took a stray in off the streets (for their three-week stay). He was adorable. Thankfully, they found another sucker… I mean kind person to take him in permanently.

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