Mango-nificent Music

San Geraldo has been mixing up unbelievable salads for lunch several days a week. Sunday’s included a smattering of lettuce as a base, spiced shrimp, sweet and juicy tomatoes, cubes of herb cheese, and the absolute best fresh mango. Just the thought of it today makes my mouth water.


After lunch, and a brief siesta for San Geraldo, we went for a walk through the southern edge of the nearby neighborhood of La Macarena. Like La Alameda, La Macarena is known for being a bit more eclectic and counter-culture than our neighborhood. Lots of hippie-types, dreadlocks, dogs with bandanas, and general coolness.


We headed up Calle Feria, which starts as a hodgepodge of shops, restaurants, and churches with small plazas here and there, before becoming a busier residential and business street. When it was still that hodgepodge, we came upon a a singer and a guitar player outside a tiny bar. I recorded one song. The music was as sweet and fresh as San Geraldo’s mango.



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28 thoughts on “Mango-nificent Music”

  1. I don't think I ever had really fresh mangoes…..always very unripe here. That salad loos delicious!
    The music…..LOVED IT! So easy and relaxing. I can see why one could stay all afternoon!
    Even the dogs got into the act….I was half expecting San Geraldo to appear on camera grooving to the music!!

    1. darkeyedbrunette:
      Musicians are so much more visible here. People walking down the street will suddenly break into song (flamenco-sounding to my untrained ears) and it's amazing how many of them sound good!

  2. I've said it before and I will say it again, he is a master in the kitchen, it looks fabulous…I think it is so cool how every big city has an area like that no matter what part of the world.

    Happy Monday friend

  3. Salad-envy, (thank you Viktor), I have it too. Geraldo's salad looks magnificent, especially the mango. No fresh mangos here, they have to be imported – from Fiji, usually.

    I loved the video. The dogs made me laugh. I can see why an afternoon spent there would be time well spent.

    1. Judith:
      I love mango, but I've never tasted anything like these! San Geraldo made us another exceptional salad for lunch today (well, yesterday now… Monday). He's a keeper.

      I can't wait to go back to that bar and see if those guys are performing again.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      One of the drawbacks of earlier years in the Midwest. Now you can find just about everything. But nothing beats the fresh mango I've had here (until I pick one right off a tree)!

    1. Di:
      I've been falling behind on my reading, so thanks for the heads up! I am SO excited to have been selected by the beautiful Sooks. But, as I said, do not send if the cost is prohibitive! Hugs!

  4. Lovely music Mitch…I see 2 doggies enjoying every minute too. Mango salad ….mmm…mouth watering for sure. This is the type of area we are drawn too…'eclectic dreads'!

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