The Kids Are Alright

I still haven’t had any success from here reaching The Dowager Duchess. However, Jerry’s sister Linda — or perhaps I should start calling her Santa Linda — was able to get through from South Dakota and then phoned here to let us know everything was fine.

According to Linda, the co-op doesn’t yet have the power back on. But it was turned off to meet safety regulations only. Also, The Duchess said she has plenty of food and a water. And then she told Linda something extremely peculiar. She said she has a gas stove, so she can cook. I don’t really understand that line of reasoning. If all it took were a particular kind of stove, I’d be cooking, too. I’m sure there’s more to the cooking thing than just that.

I was able to reach my brother by phone earlier today. He’s much further from the beach and had no flooding in his neighborhood. And his neighborhood didn’t lose power. He also has a gas stove, which must mean he can cook, too.

So, all is well in Brooklyn. Thanks, everyone, for your kind messages and your concern.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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34 thoughts on “The Kids Are Alright”

  1. Hi Mitch:
    You should tell the Duchess that one of your followers suggested she should move down to South Florida in view of the fact that the Northeast gets much severe weather…lol
    Well, we didn't get a hurricane this year…and that is a good thing because we had to skip on the insurance for the house since it went up more than double what it was.
    Glad to hear she is ok.

  2. I'm up in the Northeast U.S. visiting friends and family. I leave Maine for Pennsylvania tomorrow. I might see some high water along the way! Glad to know the Duchess is well…and cooking with gas.

  3. Glad to hear that all is well. I tried phoning my daughter who lives in Marlboro, NY (90 miles north of the city) but haven't gotten an answer… BUT… if the Hudson River floods up to their house, we'll need Noah and the ark!

  4. Ahhh…. so good to read :)) My sister and her husband and her daughter and boyfriend are all without power in NJ, but they're not flooded or anything. (And, you are just a kook with your cute little comments about gas stoves and you cooking. You're a riot :))


    1. Judeet:
      Hope your sister and her family are back in power soon. A couple of days might be tolerable but I'll bet it gets old fast! Now if I could just connect directly with my mother…

      As for my comments, they're the only things about my cooking that could make anyone smile.

  5. I have a good friend who lives in Brooklyn with her partner. They didn't lose power until nearly midnight last night (when the storm had basically passed) and then someone's tree limb broke and they lost it until about 5 this morning. They are safe as well, but antsy. They both work in Manhattan (she a book editor, he an actuary) and rely completely on the subway. So…they are sitting pretty, but can't go anywhere and like most New Yorkers this drives them insane.

    I am still practically speechless at this odd weather in the past few years. Is it just me or does it seem like a scary pattern to you too?

  6. I know what Santa ought to bring you for Christmas! A complete DVD set of Cooking 101!!!! lol
    So good to hear DD is fine and your brother too.

    1. Jim:
      Now what the heck would I do with Cooking 101. First you'd have to find "Having the Slightest Interest in Cooking 101"! My brother was completely unfazed. Clearly concerned about The Duchess, so I was glad I phoned him.

  7. So glad to hear this! I'm sure it was unnerving to see all the horrible things happening up there and not being able to get through and verify for yourself. We were lucky that we got missed but north of here was hit hard. Glad your family is OK!

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