Grandma and Grandpa Go to the Beach

I didn’t know my paternal grandparents at all well. My grandmother died before my second birthday. I remember that she was very kind, but I was shy (believe it or not) and would hide behind my mother while being coaxed out with raspberry-filled hard candies (hard candies are what we New Yorkers called “sucking candies”). I only ever had those candies at my grandparents’ house, and I loved them. Interestingly, that’s one of my earliest memories.

Unlike my maternal grandparents, who had seven children over the course of 18 years (a total of 13 pregnancies, I think), my father’s parents had only three children over the course of seven years. I think it gave them a bit more time for fun when they were young, because there are plenty of pictures of them at the beach or dressed for a costume party.

My mother gave me an old photo album that belonged to my father. The album contains loads of pictures from my father’s teen and army years, as well as some photos of his parents. I found several photos taken at Coney Island some time around 1920, either before or right after my grandparents were married (but clearly before there were kids). They look a little wild. Obviously, my family has always liked the beach.


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24 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa Go to the Beach”

  1. What great photos to have Mitch! They DID look like they had a good time! Smart they kept the number of kids to three.

    1. Sharon:
      Acquaintances of mine in Sevilla sent me a photo of the two of them at Feria. I'm dying to share it because I found it so unbelievably — comically — "Sevilla Gothic." But they really like it… so you'll never see it!

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      Interesting. Definitely not related, but I can see what you mean. Those smokey eyes I think. And the very athletic builds. My grandfather was Russian and, to me at least, always had that bearing and look.

  2. happy times! I adore old photos and seeing your grandparents kidden' around — that's golden. I never knew either of my grandfathers — my grandmothers, who weren't close, died within hours of one another in 1987…weird…..

    1. Wye:
      Fascinating about your grandmothers. I knew my maternal grandparents really well. My grandmother died on the one-year anniversary of my grandfather's death. I was 30.

    1. Stan:
      These guys all appear to be wearing tops and bottoms, but if you do an image search of one-piece swimsuits for men, you might be surprised at what you find. Maybe we'll see you on the beach in one this summer.

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