Surviving The Thirty-Third

Saturday (today for another 15 minutes) was the start of our 33rd year. San Geraldo and I went out for dinner last night to celebrate our 32nd anniversary. We went to one of our favorite local places on the paseo, Sandpiper. Great food. Relaxed atmosphere. Warm, friendly, and exceptional service.

When we arrived, we found our table waiting. It had been sprinkled with confetti in honor of the occasion. Jessica, our server, greeted us with kisses. She usually curtsies and kisses the ring of San Geraldo El Rey, but not last night. Last night, we were both treated like royalty (still, no one curtsied and kissed my ring).

We ordered our drinks and proceeded to have a great night… except that San Geraldo lived up to his other name, Gruñon (Grumpy) and was a pill when Jessica offered to take our picture to mark the occasion. He didn’t want to take a picture. He didn’t want to stand up. Once he stood, he didn’t want to move from his position — leaving little room for me to squeeze in. The first shot didn’t turn out, so he moaned about having to pose for another. Even worse. Then a third. He was hot; he didn’t like everyone looking at us. Yada yada yada. Jessica managed to get one so-so photo of me and the unsaintly Gruñon with the glare of an ice cream cafe in the background. Twenty-four hours later, we’re still together.


I wanted to sleep in Saturday morning, but I couldn’t pass up the sunrise. See below how the start of our 33rd year looked. (Click the photos to magnificence-ify.)

BEFORE 7:30 A.M.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Surviving The Thirty-Third”

    1. Judeet:
      Difficult to get a table anywhere spur of the moment in August. So, I reserved a table that afternoon and told Jessica it was our anniversary. I almost got out of bed again this morning to take pictures of the sunrise. This time, I rolled over and went back to sleep instead!

  1. Oh my! Those photos are beautiful!! I'd be up early every morning!
    Ron would have a 'cure' for San Geraldo to ungrumpify him….a BIG tickle!!! It works sometimes on me and I know it can be tricky to try this but Ron is good at it. 33 years! Nice!

    1. Jim:
      Oh, if Ron tried the tickle cure on either of us, he'd just watch the steam rise! When we want to be Grumpy, we don't want to be coerced out of it! You two are obviously compatible. Be thankful you didn't end up with one of us!

    2. Jim gets grumpier too, don`t let him fool you. I`ve learned it took 40 years but I promise never to TICKLE again when Mr. Grumpy has come to visit!!


      Beside I`ve been known to get grumpy too. Just don`t tell anyone, or there`ll ne hell to pay!

      Love your brand new day of your 33rd Year!!

      Psst: You guys are really a handsome couple look at those smiles! Isn`t it amazing what smiles can do.

    3. Ron:
      Oh, that Jim… Tickling makes me chuckle momentarily and then just REALLY pisses me off! And you are so right about what smiling can do. For me, it works much better than tickling.

  2. Wonderful sunrise pictures! But the picture of you and San Geraldo was even better. It is amazing how San Geraldo can manage a realistic smile when he's being such a Grunon – the smile doesn't look a bit phony. And what a glorious greeting on the start of your 33rd year. Certainly a good omen of wonderful days to come. Love to you both.

  3. Look at you Mitch, so handsome! How come all the best looking guys are gay? 🙂
    Congratulations to you both. A testament to love!
    Much love!

    1. Stephen:
      I forgot to mention: The Duchess had a friend that said we're also all extremely intelligent. Maybe that's why I've always been such an underachiever. I was so blessed with every exceptional quality that there was no reason to even make an effort. (I've never heard anyone say we're humble.)

    1. Hi Brittany:
      Thanks so much. It's been a beautiful summer here. After two very hot summers in Sevilla, temps in the mid 30s with an ocean breeze have been very easy to tolerate. Hope you're enjoying yourself.

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