The Way You Wear Your Hat

While San Geraldo and I were having our coffee at Café Manila this morning, Darren pulled up on his motorcycle and joined us.

As Darren removed his helmet, San Geraldo grabbed it and exclaimed, “That’s what I need… a helmecycle hatlet!”

It took a while to get the words out correctly — what with all the laughing. But finally, after San Geraldo had modeled Darren’s helmecycle hatlet, I then tried it on for size.

Darren told me even though it was too small for San Geraldo it had still looked better on him. I said I was sure it did because “I don’t look good in hats.”


However, I have one hat right now that I do like. I wear it on rainy days, so I don’t have to carry an umbrella. Most people I know here call it my “Frank Sinatra hat.” They think it makes me look like a New York gangster.

In response to my comment about how I look in hats, Darren tried to tell me that my Frank Sinatra hat suits me.

He said, “Well your Franksahatra not suits you.”

San Geraldo then headed off for his Spanish class. Maybe next week he and Darren can start working on their English.

I was never a big Frank Sinatra fan, so I hope you enjoy this version of the song:

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