Leaving It All Behind

Some more of the local scenery. Plumber’s Crack (in American English), Builder’s Bum (in British English), and Culo de Constructor (in Spanish). I’m sure there are regional variations. I’ve been snapping these pictures for months and have decided it’s time to stop.

As Tere taught me when she was down for a visit one time, it’s also called an “hucha,” which is the word for a coin slot (in a piggy bank for example). Click here for that conversation.

It’s juvenile, I know, but I can’t be expected to be mature and appropriate ALL the time. I promise to do better tomorrow when I share the story of Erotic Tapas in Fuengirola. Seriously.

(The cracks get bigger. Just click any image. Go ahead. I dare you.)


One cracking peculiar video…

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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