Down In The Dumpsters / Contenedores De Basura

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WHAT DO YOU think of our very discreet dumpsters? The truck below is picking up the glass for recycling. And the truck driver does it all himself with one remote control. There are dumpsters for paper and cardboard, plastic and aluminum, and organic trash. All our old above-ground dumpsters have been replaced with these. Not realizing what was u nderground, the first time I saw one in Seville, I wondered how often they had to empty those puny little things.

¿QUÉ PIENSAS DE nuestros contenedores discretos? El camión de abajo recoge el vidrio para reciclar. Y el conductor del camión lo hace todo solo con un mando. Hay contenedores para papel y cartón, plástico y aluminio, y basura orgánica. Sin darse cuenta de lo que estaba bajo tierra, la primera vez que vi uno en Sevilla, me preguntaba cuántas veces tenían que vaciar esas pequeñas cosas insignificantes.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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