Surviving on Waffles / Sobrevivir en Gofres

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SAN GERALDO’S FAVORITE food group is the one that tastes good and is designed to hold something that tastes even better. Norwegian waffles are a perfect fit. He’s had them every day of our trip, sometimes twice. And sometimes I could even see the waffles under the pile of jam and sour cream. I’ve had waffles most days myself, but usually with some finely sliced brown cheese. And my waffles were always followed by a big bowl of yogurt with fresh fruit. But, no, we really haven’t survived solely on waffles. I’ll soon share photos of our phenomenal feasts on the fjords.


EL GRUPO DE alimentos favorito de San Geraldo es el que sabe bien y está diseñado para contener algo que sabe aún mejor. Los gofres noruegos son perfectos. Los ha tenido todos los días de nuestro viaje, a veces dos veces. Y a veces incluso yo podía ver los gofres debajo de la pila de mermelada y crema agria. He tenido gofres la mayoría de los días, pero generalmente con un poco de queso marrón en rodajas finas. Y mis gofres siempre fueron seguidos por un gran tazón de yogur con fruta fresca. Entonces no, realmente no hemos sobrevivido únicamente con gofres. Pronto compartiré fotos de nuestras fiestas fenomenales en los fiordos.

Canary (or Winter) Melon. / Melón Amarillo.
Some vacation. Most mornings, I’ve had to cook (which in my case meant slicing my own fruit).
¡Qué vacaciones! La mayoría de las mañanas, he tenido que cocinar (lo que en mi caso significaba cortar mi propia fruta).

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23 thoughts on “Surviving on Waffles / Sobrevivir en Gofres”

    1. anne marie:
      Fortunately, no place we went served whipped cream and strawberries or those are the only pictures you would have seen!

    1. David:
      Actually the kind of carbs that make us want to hibernate. Looking forward to getting out of vacation mode for a few days!

  1. I can’t have waffles, or fruit. whimper. Enough about me. You two seem to be having a great time. Savor every flavorful carb filled moment!

    1. Deedles:
      Sitting at the airport right now waiting for our fight to Oslo. This trip has been more then wonderful. SO much to share in the coming weeks… and then there’ll be NY in the middle of it all!

    1. Kirk:
      After these 11 days, I won’t NEED waffles for years! And if you think you’re hungry now, wait until you see all the other food photos still to come.

      1. Adam:
        Hold on now. You’re not referring to a sexually transmitted disease, are you?!?

    1. Cheapchick,
      I LOVE this country! But be warned, it’s a super expensive place to visit. Worth every centimo!

    1. Urspo:
      Well, after our late August and early September, waffles are right off the menu for at least a year.

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