Fine Family / Buena Familia

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WE HAVE BEEN busy this week (in the chilly rain) spending time with family here in the great Norwegian North. We’ve met many more of cousin Elin’s extended family this visit and feel so fortunate. What an exceptional, kind, warm, interesting, and fun family. I have so many photos to share and stories to tell. But that will all have to wait. It’s apparently gotten cold enough to possibly see the Northern Lights, if only it would ever be clear enough! Tomorrow we’ll drive north about one and a half hours to Andenes for the day. San Geraldo has so far struck out at the little genealogical information he was hoping to find. He knew at the start it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Tomorrow, he’ll give it one more try. The drive will be breathtaking and we may even have some sun.


HEMOS ESTADO OCUPADOS esta semana (bajo la lluvia fría) pasando tiempo con la familia aquí en el gran norte de Noruega. Hemos conocido a muchos primos de la familia extendida de prima Elin en esta visita y nos sentimos muy afortunados. Qué familia excepcional, amable, cálida, interesante y divertida. Tengo tantas fotos para compartir e historias que contar. Pero todo eso tendrá que esperar. Aparentemente se ha enfriado lo suficiente como para ver la aurora boreal, ¡si tan solo fuera lo suficientemente claro! Mañana conduciremos hacia el norte aproximadamente una hora y media a Andenes por el día. Hasta ahora, San Geraldo ha sorprendido la poca información genealógica que esperaba encontrar. Sabía al principio que era como buscar una aguja en un pajar. Mañana lo intentará una vez más. El viaje será impresionante e incluso podremos tomar un poco de sol.

Great-grandma Kristine with some of her children and grandchildren who made this amazing family possible.
La bisabuela Kristine con algunos de sus hijos y nietos que hicieron posible esta increíble familia.
Rain as viewed from the car today.
Lluvia como se ve desde el coche hoy.
Cousin Timmi wanted me to sample some of his favorite Norwegian treats. I’m very grateful that I still wear Invisalign braces. I have to remove them to enjoy all this deliciousness. So, when I know I’m about to go too far, I simply put my braces back in my mouth. These goodies should last … days.

El primo Timmi quería que yo probara algunos de sus dulces noruegos favoritos. Estoy muy agradecido de que todavía use llaves Invisalign. Tengo que eliminarlos para disfrutar de toda esta delicia. Entonces, cuando sé que estoy a punto de comer demasiado, simplemente me meto los frenos en la boca. Estas golosinas deberían durar … días.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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21 thoughts on “Fine Family / Buena Familia”

  1. You will certainly feel the temperature difference once you return home.
    Too bad SG didn’t find as yet what he was hoping to find. He just may have more luck before you leave……fingers crossed!

    1. Jim:
      Maybe more info will become available in the future. For now, nothing new was discovered at the archives or libraries. Still, a great trip.

    1. Susan:
      Fortunately, he’s not a fan of most of this stuff. “SMASH,” however, was a big hit with us both. It’s a cone-shaped corn chip smothered in Norwegian chocolate. Herre Gud! Jerry finished off that bag!

    1. Janie:
      Not a chance this time around. Rain, rain, and more rain. I DID see them one time on a flight over the Pacific Northwest. Amazing.

    1. David:
      It truly is a great thing that I still have my braces. We just had lunch, I popped a few liquorice and chocolate balls. And I put my braces back in. Safe!

    1. Deedles:
      Yeah, my eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit every morning and my liquorice dipped in chocolate every afternoon. I’m a saint.

    1. Kirk:
      Thanks. I don’t have Photoshop installed on my laptop. I would usually sharpen focus, brightness, etc. as needed. So, I’m glad I’ve got some decent shots to work with, even through a rain-streaked windshield.

    1. Urspo:
      Interestingly, our first home-cooked meal here was pizza — fresh dough and all. It was fabulous.

  2. I’ll take that big chocolate bar off your hands, if you’ve still got it . . . . Ha ha, didn’t think so.

    1. I have no idea why that comment showed up as anonymous. I thought I was signed into my wordpress comment account, wonky though it is.

      1. Debra:
        I DO still have that chocolate bar. I AM Diabetic, otherwise I would have inhaled it the first day. I’d mail it to you but…

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