Penguin suit, cow, beans, and twins / Traje de pingüino, vaca, frijoles, y gemelos

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This has been an active day. It was 25˚C (77˚F) this morning. I quickly headed out for a healthy walk on the Paseo. The humidity was high so, despite the comfortable temperature, everyone outside was glowing (and not in a good way). I could have gone longer but I knew I’d regret it. Still I walked nearly 4 km (over 2 miles). When I got home, I stretched, folded laundry, and watered plants. I then trimmed the aloes and other big plants in the hallway. Bending and twisting and lifting, and smiling the entire time. Then I stretched some more. I was out so early, the Ale-Hop cow (above) hadn’t even woken up yet.

San Geraldo made a new to us recipe Saturday called Spanish White Bean and Tuna Salad. Delicious and refreshing. And so healthy. So good that he made it again yesterday. Find it and the link below.

We have Saturn peaches among our selection of fresh fruit. San Geraldo doesn’t like their skins, so he shared a shortcut with me. I hadn’t asked. He said the vegetable peeler easily removes the skins. Then he remembered who he was talking to. “Too much cooking?” Definitely. I told him I was proud of the breakfast I cooked this morning. I cut up a plum and a nectarine, and added yogurt, cereal, and almonds. Peeling takes things to an entirely different level.

David, of Travel Penguin fame, sent me a couple of photos this morning demonstrating his designer chic fashion. He didn’t leave the house like that, but thought I’d appreciate the daring combination. I make fun, but these combinations are hot at Paris Fashion Week.

Este ha sido un día activo. Esta mañana hacía 25˚C (77˚F). Rápidamente salí a dar una saludable caminata por el Paseo. La humedad era alta así que, a pesar de la agradable temperatura, todos afuera estaban brillando (y no en el buen sentido). Podría haber aguantado más pero sabía que me arrepentiría. Aún así caminé casi 4 km (más de 2 millas). Cuando llegué a casa, me estiré, doblé la ropa y regué las plantas. Luego corté los aloes y otras plantas grandes del pasillo. Doblándose, girando, levantando y sonriendo todo el tiempo. Luego me estiré un poco más. Salí tan temprano que la vaca Ale-Hop (arriba) ni siquiera se había despertado todavía.

San Geraldo nos preparó una receta nueva el sábado llamada Ensalada Española de Frijoles Blancos y Atún. Delicioso y refrescante. Y muy saludable. Tan bueno que lo volvió a hacer ayer. Encuéntrelo y el enlace a continuación.

Disponemos de melocotones saturnos entre nuestra selección de fruta fresca. A San Geraldo no le gustan sus pieles, así que compartió un atajo conmigo. No había preguntado. Dijo que el pelador de verduras quita fácilmente la piel. Entonces recordó con quién estaba hablando. “¿Demasiada cocina?” Definitivamente. Le dije que estaba orgulloso del desayuno que preparé esta mañana. Corté una ciruela y una nectarina y agregué yogur, cereal y almendras. Pelar lleva las cosas a un nivel completamente diferente.

David, famoso por Travel Penguin, me envió un par de fotos esta mañana demostrando su moda elegante de diseñador. No salió de casa así, pero pensó que yo apreciaría la atrevida combinación. Me burlo, pero estas combinaciones están de moda en la Semana de la Moda de París.

• Chic Travel Penguin. Ready for a trip to Fuengirola.
• Pingüino de viaje elegante. Listo para un viaje a Fuengirola.
• When a woman has a tattoo on her lower back like this, it’s called a “tramp stamp.” What is this one called? Also, I don’t know what it is or where it begins. Does it grow out of his ass?
• Cuando una mujer tiene un tatuaje como este en la parte baja de la espalda, se llama “sello de vagabundo”. ¿Cómo se llama éste? Además, no sé qué es ni dónde empieza. ¿Le sale del culo?

• The diaper-look on twins. Left and middle show one brother (who bleached his hair). Right is the other, with a new tattoo on his right arm. Still, their shorts always match.
• El estilo del pañal en los gemelos. La izquierda y el centro muestran a un hermano (que se decoloró el cabello). A la derecha está el otro, con un nuevo tatuaje en el brazo derecho. Aun así, sus pantalones cortos siempre combinan.

• Get the recipe at Spain on a Fork.
• Consigue la receta en Spain on a Fork.
• A different morning. I ate the skin.
• Una mañana diferente. Me comí la piel.

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Author: Moving with Mitchell

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38 thoughts on “Penguin suit, cow, beans, and twins / Traje de pingüino, vaca, frijoles, y gemelos”

  1. Oh Wow..! I made this same recipe a couple of weeks ago. I loved it and will make it again. Your breakfast is what I usually eat in the morning. Glad you could get your walk in!

      1. mcpersonalspace54:
        With MY retirement, I’ve had more time to NOT cook. It’s wonderful.

  2. Oh that lazy lie-a-bed AleHop cow! And David the Fashion-Conscious Travel Penguin — *wolf whistle*! Also, I believe “tramp stamps” are called that on men too. It’s kind of a non-gendered term.

    1. Debra:
      Good to know about non-gendering tramp stamps. I once saw a guy in Palm Springs with a huge bar code tattooed there.

  3. I wonder if Penguins going to wear something like that when I meet him in September? Oh boy boy does that food look delicious!

    1. Anon (Mad?):
      The dish is so good. I would be very disappointed if Travel Penguin wore anything else.

      1. Kelly:
        SG can talk to cows. They ignore me (and our friends) but come running when he moos.

      2. I just returned from my walk (80 degrees and 94% humidity) and the cows ignored me today. I need to take mooing lessons from SG.

  4. I have decided I will create the salad, it looks dee-lish.,
    Though, to be fair, the ight of Travel’s mixed-message-outfit nearly scared me off.

  5. How fun, and up before the cows. The twins have potential, they just need some fashion advice, from Maddi, not me.

  6. All shit, my comment seemed to have disappeared..!!!! I wonder if Penguin will be wearing that when we dinner together in September??? That bowl of pasta looks delish! Twins huh?

    *my mind wanders*

    1. Mistress Borghese:
      LOL. You have been the topic of conversation. And I knew what you’d say about the twins.

  7. The apartment colours in the distance with the aloe greens works perfectly. Bowl of fruit another check mark. Your health is always No. 1, Check!!!!!

  8. Tasty summer food! We’re planning to marinate and grill shrimp (from the freezer) and enjoy it with broccoli (from the freezer). We’re trying to get things out of the freezer to make room for more sauce.

      1. Walt the Fourth:
        I knew thanks to the sauce in the freezer reference.

  9. I’m with you — peeling is WAY too much trouble. The shorts are eye-catching, but all the tattoos are pretty horrible, IMHO.

    1. Steve:
      I sometimes like tattoos. Sometimes I don’t. This one is an “I don’t.”

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