I love mispronunciations!

Remember Rode Eh-STEE-gwar (click here if you don’t know the story from back in May 2012).

I’m not passing any judgments and never would. After all, my father used to smoke GAR-shuh VAY-guz. (That would be Garcia y Vega to a Spaniard.)

Our Spanish friend Tere once told me that one of her favorite British actresses is EhLAYna Bone-HAHN Carr-TEHRRR.

As you know, San Geraldo provides me with constant entertainment in his multiple languages (well, his attempts at multiple languages).

But this, for a change, is not about San Geraldo. This is about another Spanish friend who was recently telling me about the American rock groups he loves. His favorite?

No, it’s not Metallica. (Dream on!)

His favorite American rock group is Ah-EH-row Eh-SHMEET!

Dream until your dreams come true!