I’m Your Puppet

My Mother The Dowager Duchess was a woman of many talents. San Geraldo and I spent three weeks in August going through everything in her apartment (and miraculously completed the task of emptying it all) and we were reminded again and again of how vast those talents were.

Watercolor, oil painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture in stone and clay, sewing, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery, macrame. You name it, she did it. And she usually excelled.

During the summer of ’87, just a few months after my father died, my mother enrolled at Kingsborough Community College and continued to study there for the next 25+ years. She took every art course available (at least one or two a semester), and filled in with literature, film, Spanish (language and culture), computing, physical education, geography. The only subject she avoided (like the Plague) was math.

During her first year at Kingsborough, The Dowager Duchess took a Puppetry class, which included making puppets of different kinds and then performing in a Puppet Theatre. As a result of that class, she became a member of The Puppeteers of America. Here are just a few of her creations.

(Click any puppet for a closer look.)

All you gotta do is wiggle your little hand…