Eating Healthy

Jerry stirred up another gourmet success from the pages of “The New Spanish Table.”  Tonight it was Garbanzos Salteados Con Gambas (Chickpea and Shrimp Saute).  Fresh shrimp that he meticulously peeled and cleaned.  Before the shells and other stuff were discarded, they were used to make the stock.  It didn’t look like much food when all was said and done, but it was very filling and ended up being more than enough.  It was also exceptionally delicious.  And we were pleased to note that it was extremely healthy and high in protein.


So, after our satisfyingly delicious and healthy dinner we went for a walk in the slowly cooling night air.  When we reached La Alameda de Hercules, we stopped at our favorite spot for a couple of cups of chocolate fondant ice cream (which contains protein, riboflavin, calcium, and other essential vitamins and minerals).


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  1. Mr. Block, as you know if you follow my blog "4life" I am trying to get back to a healthy lifestyle, and the food you posted looks right up my alley….I would love the recipe 🙂 Thank you and please (he says with his sweetest smile)

  2. I was about to ask for the recipe as well. This looks delicious. We make a Portuguese dish with chick peas and bachalau, it is served cold.

  3. I'll have to google a recipe for this. I love garbanzos and always have some in the house. And we love shrimp and always have some of those, too. Although frozen, because it's hard to come by uncooked shrimp in France. They are most often sold already cooked. Ugh!

  4. David:
    Recipe is on its way. You'll have to find your own recipe for chocolate fondant ice cream (although I suppose I should admit it's not as healthy as I said).

  5. Walt the Fourth:
    I'm happy to email the recipe to you if you'd like (I won't post it on my blog, since it's copyrighted.) The shrimp shells and tails make a huge difference to the dish because the stock is made from those and then poured through a strainer.

  6. My library has this cookbook and I've placed a reserve on it. It sounded so interesting when I looked it up on amazon. This virgin is holding a book, which I like, but her expression makes me wonder if she actually reads much!

  7. Kristi:
    Jerry loves "The New Spanish Table" and I love what he's cook. Not one disappointment. I hope you enjoy it. As for the virgin, you can't see from this angle but the title of the book is "Dirty Limericks, Volume 1 A.D."

  8. I just love eating anything with chick peas in so all Jerry's efforts with the shrimps would not have been wasted on me and maybe it is not the prettiest looking plateful but surely taste is so much more important. Love the dessert sounds a mite unhealthy but who cares?!

  9. the cuby poet:

    I also love just about anything with chick peas.

    Didn't you notice that the dessert contained protein, riboflavin, calcium, and other essential vitamins and minerals? (OK, maybe just a little bit of fat too.)

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