Lemon Bread — Just Like Mother Used to Make

Jerry’s mother, Alice, had a great lemon bread recipe that we (Jerry) are, so far, unable to reproduce here in Spain because it requires pre-packaged ingredients that we (Jerry) haven’t been able to find. However, when I mentioned the recipe in a recent post, I received a lot of requests for it. So, here it is in Alice’s own hand. If you have any questions, let me know. (And I’ll ask Jerry for the answers.)

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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23 thoughts on “Lemon Bread — Just Like Mother Used to Make”

  1. Thank you for this, Mitch — it will be appearing on a dining table near me very soon.

    A very Happy 2012 to you and Jerry! Getting to know you was the big blogger event of last year for me.

  2. Like mother, like son, I guess! Love these old recipes. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the language from so long ago…..like a 'pinch' of this or that! These are to be cherished for sure. This can be translated by Jerry if you wish! lol

  3. Jim:
    Jerry once tried writing a recipe from something his grandmother (Alice's mother) made from memory. As for ingredient amounts, she would say, "Not too much." "Not too little." He asked her to be more specific and she said, "You'll know when it's right."

  4. Nubian:
    Hope you enjoy the lemon bread.

    Thanks for the feedback about the blog. I figured it was time for a change and, since, a lot of my highlighted text in earlier posts is yellow, I couldn't go with a white background. I'll play around with colors and see if I can make it easier to read.

  5. I love these minimalist recipes. I have some from my mother – very light on instructions, leaving quite a lot open to interpretation!

  6. Judith:
    Open-for-interpretation is a very dangerous phrase for me when it comes to recipes. But, I did actually make this recipe myself once (open a box, open a box seemed manageable) and I was a success. I wasn't creative enough to realize anything was open for interpretation.

  7. This is my kind of recipe — one that uses prepackaged goods!! I love these kinds of handwritten recipes. They usually work out really well.

    Hope 2012 brings you lots of love, fun and adventure!

  8. A beautiful recipe passed down. It reminds me how much I love this loaf and I will definitely be making it! Thank you for your inspiration this year and a happy New Year to you both.

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