Profile (and Silhouette) of a Bullfighter

I haven’t yet replaced my camera. I went online and found what I want at a very good price. But, I didn’t immediately order it because it meant I would have to wait a week for its arrival. So now, 1-1/2 weeks later, I haven’t found the camera around town for a comparable price and will order it … and wait a week. Meanwhile, I’m still using my phone to record my experiences.

I took a walk to Triana last week under another brilliantly blue and sunny sky. Although I’m not a fan of bullfighting, to say the least, there’s a statue that I do like that’s dedicated to Juan Belmonte (1892–1962), Triana’s most famous bullfighting son. I took a picture of the statue when we were here for the first time in January 2011 because I was taken in by his profile (an excruciatingly prominent nose). The statue was tucked into some trees and, from my angle, I didn’t immediately realize it was very contemporary. So, I now find it interesting for more than just his nose.


On this walk, when I was behind the statue and glanced back at the city, I saw that La Giralda (the Cathedral’s bell tower) was perfectly framed in one of the cut-out spaces in the form. Belmonte’s technique was unlike that of earlier matadors. He stood erect and motionless within inches of the bull. As a result, he was frequently gored. In a 1927 bullfight in Barcelona, he was gored through his chest and pinned against the wall. I wonder if the empty space in the sculpture symbolizes that little event.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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14 thoughts on “Profile (and Silhouette) of a Bullfighter”

  1. Hello Mitch:
    What fun that the building is framed by the sculpture. Perfect. Bullfighting would definitely not be for us, but it seems an interesting technique to stand motionless just a breath away from the bull…..even bullish, perhaps!

    1. J&L:
      And at least he gave the bulls the opportunity to get some of their own back before they were killed themselves.

      I need to now go order that camera. The photo could have been so much better!

  2. Three things…

    1) You're doing fine with your camera phone. That's what I have too.

    2) I hate bullfighting, but I read this really good (slim) book called On Bullfighting.

    3) Why whenever I say the word bullfight(ing) in my head, I immediately get Ravel's Bolero stuck in there too?

    1. Writer:
      And now I, too, have Bolero stuck in my head. But it could be worse. All day yesterday, I was walking around with "Black is Black" repeating in my head.

  3. Hey Mitch, these photos are good! I really think it is not the camera being used, but the photographer…..and you are one!
    Never understood or should I say appreciated Bullfighting. The Matadors must be very interesting (?) characters. I do LOVE that statue.

    1. Mark:
      One of the versions of his demise is that he was diagnosed with lung cancer and his doctor told him that as a result of that and all the injuries he had sustained, he could no longer drink wine, smoke, ride horses, or have sex. He is said to have gotten on his favorite horse and retreated to his country farm where he smoked a handful of cigars, drank wine, had sex with two prostitutes, and then shot himself.

  4. Now THAT is a face that launched a thousand ships. Literally, I mean you could push ships down the slip-way with a face like that.

    As for bullfighting? Well, that's just a load of chaps compensating for the excess room in their trousers with blood-letting and some nice hand-made brocades.

    Great photo through the statue!

    1. The Owl Wood:
      I am awe-struck by that profile!

      You have such a way with words. We say the same thing about American men who drive gigantic pick-up trucks with monster wheels. But, we say it much more succinctly and much less politely than "excess room in their trousers." (And I will not be specific here because The Dowager Duchess is watching.)

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