Lighting Our Way to the Mexican Embassy


We took another taxi ride to IKEA. I think it might have been our 437th taxi ride to IKEA since our arrival in Sevilla in July. Although I may be exaggerating just a bit. I do know for certain it was only our second since moving into the apartment in September (or maybe it was our first… or our third… So much for certainty).

We bought one more lamp, a floor lamp for the living room. I think we have completed our lamp shopping. All we really want now is a chaise lounge for the living room that is long enough for us to recline on, doesn’t look like it belongs in a bordello, and doesn’t cost 12,000 euros (custom-made for 100 euros would be nice; I’d even go as high as 200).


Since we left IKEA with only one box (some assembly required), we took it with us rather than pay for delivery. On the way to IKEA, Jerry had noticed a sign for a Mexican restaurant. We have passed only two such restaurants since our arrival. I know there are more, but we’ve been told none are worth visiting.
The first Mexican restaurant we know of is near the cathedral and is Tex Mex, which is not my favorite style. It’s also known more for being a fun bar with decent burgers as opposed to good Tex Mex food. The other place we’ve seen is on the way to IKEA, which is what I thought Jerry had seen the sign for. It’s a dive on a dirt road off the side of the highway. It doesn’t look very inviting and is also not known for its food (although I don’t know what it IS known for).
It turns out the sign Jerry saw was for a brand-new place called Iguanas Ranas (one of a small chain) in the town of Castilleja de la Cuesta, just a few minutes walk down the hill from IKEA. So, Jerry and I took turns lugging the lamp box on a shoulder and we walked over to check it out. There was a large covered patio at the entrance, another even larger open patio beyond that, and a very large restaurant inside.
The place made us feel like we were back in Mexico (well back in San Diego really). They had done a great job with the decor. Nothing about it made us feel like we were in Spain. We hoped the food would be the same, but we didn’t have high expectations. Mexico, afterall, is a long way away, and we had been told by friends here that they had never yet found good Mexican food. We ordered some nachos, which were delicious, and then ordered enchiladas — shrimp for me and chicken for Jerry. Our dishes came with rice and beans. The food tasted just like what we had been used to, and maybe even better. I looked it up and it turns out there’s another Iguanas Ranas much closer to home and another soon to open even closer. So now we know where to go for a fix.
On our way home from dinner tonight, we noticed the used/antique furniture store on our side street had “LIQUIDATION” painted across the window. You can usually get an antique (i.e., old) table there for under 10,000 euros, so, with absolutely no expectation of anything worthwhile, we took a peek and found a lamp that we know we can’t afford (but in this case, that’s a very good thing). There was no visible price on the lamp, but the little (teeny, tiny, little) round table it sat on was reduced from 12,000 to 6,000 euros. I think it may have been carved by hand by someone of biblical significance.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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8 thoughts on “Lighting Our Way to the Mexican Embassy”

  1. That Mex food looks great! Good that you now have one nearer to you….you know, for 'those' emergencies!? lol
    Love the new lamp in the corner….fits very nicely I'd say, sir.
    Have a great Sunday you guys!

    1. Jim:
      My mouth is already watering for more Mexican food. You used to have it several times a week in California and we've really missed it! That lamp matches one in the dining room, so it really tied things together. Thanks!

  2. That lamp looks right at home there.
    I too went out for Mexican and got the enchiladas.
    My husband ordered something completely different and when they arrived at the table, they looked exactly alike. And they were both the mirror image of yours too. Amazing.But really good.

    1. Stew:
      I was given Jerry's by mistake and commented on how delicious it was… but then said, "Hey, this is chicken." He hadn't started yet, so I got two extra bites before we switched.

  3. I like the lamp – fits perfectly!
    Did someone make the pillows by hand? They look similar to bargello that I used to do many years ago……….

  4. Ye gods, that "antique" lamp looks like some sort of automated hotel lobby ashtray with an advertising attachment! When the main lights go out does it move about and vacuum the floor too?

    I have to confess that the sight of your plate of Mexican food made me yearn for a crusty-bread salad sandwich! The beer looks inviting … 😉

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