What to Wear?

Feria 2012 has begun in Sevilla. It’s the annual spring fair, first held in 1846. I’ve been invited by Albert to one of the “casetas,” private marquee tents owned by a group of friends, a company, or an association. Members and their guests use the spaces for eating, drinking, and dancing. San Geraldo has of course been invited, as well. But we all know a small caseta filled with partiers will not be his idea of a good time. Albert (wise man) suggested I check it out on my own tonight and decide if it’s something I think Jerry would enjoy.


In addition to the invitation-only casetas, there are several open to the public; those are sponsored by companies or by each of the neighborhoods of the city. There are a total of 1,040 casetas this year. One thousand forty!

The rest of the week will be spent exploring the entire fair by day and night — the equestrian displays, the rides, the food, the games (Jerry hopes to find his rubber-frog and catapult game… more about that later), the costumes, the singing, the dancing.

As for tonight, I have been forewarned by Albert (my host and resident expert on everything Sevillano) that:

1) I should be prepared to party through the night (well, I can at least last longer than San Geraldo); and

2) I need to “dress” (sports jacket) or the portero (doorman) will not let me enter the caseta no matter who I know inside.

So, I’ve got my outfit selected and will even iron a shirt for the occasion. I’m wearing a jacket and tie. But, given what I saw on the streets Saturday, I wonder if ‘traditional’ flamenco in hot pink would be a better choice. Nope, pink is not my color. Anyway, I really don’t think it’s what Albert had in mind when he said “dress.” Besides, Lola will be there looking stunning I’m sure in her flamenco dress and I wouldn’t want to steal any of her thunder.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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35 thoughts on “What to Wear?”

  1. Hello Mitch:
    Whatever, we are certain that you will cut a dash tonight but do think that you should, in some way, aim to be just that touch more distinctive than anyone else. After all, as we all are, you are a foreigner in a foreign land and so cannot be expected to conform exactly. What is more, as an American, much will be expected!!

    That said, will we be treated to a photograph, or two?!!

  2. Yes, 'dress' not 'a dress'.
    It's a subtle, yet important difference.
    And, we'll you be partying at all 1,040 casetas?
    That would be a challenge!

    1. Oh, now I get it! Thanks for the clarification. That's one important little "a."

      As for all 1,040: Other than the few public casetas, I can only party where I'm invited. And given that I've been invited to what I'm sure is the very best one of all… who needs the other 1,039!

  3. What a good friend you are for not out-shinning the lovely Lola. Let someone else be the pretty one every once in a while.

    1. The Owl Wood:
      I cannot even imagine attempting it.

      When I was a boy, The Dowager Duchess, lived in 4-inch heels. She was so used to them that even her house slippers had to have heels or she felt like she was falling over backwards. Now, she lives in sneakers. I had no idea how short she was!

  4. Mitch, you are going to have a blast! And PLEASE don't forget the photos of you all dressied up. Look forward to the next chapters in this adventure. Have fun!

  5. As it happens I don't like suit jackets but I love vests made of fine or ethnic fabrics — were I to show up at a caseta in a great silk shirt and a handsome vest, would I be let in?

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