No Parades, No Marching Bands. Time to Move.


We’ve gone an entire week without seeing some sort of parade in Sevilla. It’s very disappointing. I wonder if we should be looking for a new, more exciting place to live. Of course, the street musicians never stop — but in some cases I wish they would. Especially the bad accordion player (and it’s not the accordion itself that’s bad) with his twice-daily repertoire out on the plaza. How many times can one hear a medley that begins with “Those Were the Days [My Friend]” and ends with “Cielito Lindo”?


The apartment has really come together. Usually after a move, we’ve got all pictures hung and everything put away within the first month. When you only stay in one place two years at a time, it’s important to settle in quickly. We’ve been a bit more relaxed here and still haven’t finished hanging pictures in the bedrooms or hall. (Maybe that means we’re here for the long haul.) But the main rooms are pretty much done… just in time for the arrival of the cats, which has “required” us to move chairs in front of the balconies so they can see out the windows, as well as to move the plants within our view when we’re sitting in the living room so we can catch Dudo and Moose trying to eat them.  (We don’t yet let them out of the back half of the apartment unsupervised.)


I’m hoping that San Geraldo will eventually get Dudo and Moose’s names right. He usually goes through four or five variations before landing (sometimes) on the correct ones — Dodo, Dodie, Doo-Dah, and Mouse. It’s gotten to the point that I now have to think before I say their names (Dodo and Doo-Dah are kind of catchy and, sadly, so is Mouse).


The temperature has climbed into the low 90s (around 34C) today and it should climb to 96F (36C) tomorrow. My allergies have been making me miserable with flu-like symptoms, which is always the case with each new season my first year in a new environment — as I well know from many first years in new environments. So, I haven’t been doing much. I have a couple of minor events outside each day — breakfast, lunch, a trip to the post office perhaps — do about an hour’s worth of work around the house, maybe a load of laundry, and then I hop into bed with a good (last week, a fair) book or my Kindle, and snuggle with the cats. I’m currently re-reading “The Scarlet Letter.”

It’s actually been kind of pleasant now that I think about it. And I’ll be feeling better soon enough to enjoy all the glorious sunshine. Maybe I should stop whining.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

From Brooklyn, New York; to North Massapequa; back to Brooklyn; Brockport, New York; back to Brooklyn... To Boston, Massachusetts, where I met Jerry... To Marina del Rey, California; Washington, DC; New Haven and Guilford, Connecticut; San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and Santa Barbara, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Irvine, California; Sevilla, Spain. And Fuengirola, Málaga..

35 thoughts on “No Parades, No Marching Bands. Time to Move.”

  1. The apratment looks so so pretty, but man, that picture of the cats looking out the window cracks me up.
    All the windows in our house have low sills, about a foot off the ground, so the cats can stand up on the ground and lean on the sill and look out.
    And every time they do, I think they look like old men standing at a bar, waiting on a beer.
    Too funny.

    1. Bob:
      It really is comical. Of course, every time I turned on the camera, they would sit back down! I love your vision of them standing at a bar! We need to go out and buy some items that will make it easier for them to relax and watch the parades passing by.

  2. Hello Mitch:
    You do seem to have settled in well already and your apartment is looking extremely comfortable, just like home. And, the cats have certainly taken no time at all to make themselves at home too. The photograph of them peering out of the windows is delightful. We are sure that one can be amused by their antics all day long.

    Perhaps given the current news from Spain more parades and protests will be coming to a square near you soon?!!!

    1. J&L:
      I really am grateful to San Geraldo for wanting so badly to adopt two cats. I wouldn't have done it so soon. But, once I bought in, I got really excited and now am truly glad. It looks and feels like home to me now. And they are extremely entertaining. We spent a 15 minutes this morning (yes, the two cats and I) sitting on the floor together watching the clothes spin around in the washing machine. (It brought me back to my college days… and that's all I'll say about that right now.)

      Less than two weeks away is the annual pilgrimage to Rocío. We'll just see everyone off, but the "parade" is tremendous.

      As for the political situation, there's much more activity up north, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more protests soon.

  3. Lovely photographs. As for the accordion player, maybe you could start buying sheet music for him to learn. Or at least a copy of the movie Amelie.

  4. Picture of tuna (not the fish, but the troubadours) there is a tradition that the members of a tuna remain loyal to each other and when they marry (opposite sex) at the marriage the ribbons that hang from their shoulders are clipped. Sort of a symbolic clipping of the wings. Thought you should know.

    Some play well while others have tin ears.
    I knew one in Miami who married my ex-wife's best friend and my daughter was a flower girl and the bridesmaids wore batas de lunares. I made them the wedding cake as their wedding present. I spent months making sugar flowers.

    1. Raulito:
      I learn so much here! Thanks for the info about the tunas. All the groups we've heard here have been very good. I wish more of those would stop in our plaza! I'm now going to watch for the clipped (and unclipped) wings. I love those kinds of traditions. Since we can legally marry here (unlike North Carolina, for example, where we may not legally exist), I would assume that "gay married tunas" have their wings clipped, too!

      I would love to see pictures of those sugar flowers (well, and of course the cake).

  5. At first I could hardly believe your opening words about moving on – and so soon! But you are only musing aloud, right?

    I know what you mean about street musicians. When I was a frequent traveller through large parts of Europe, whenever there was a violinist (sometimes two or more together ) you could bloody well guarantee they'd be playing from Mozart's 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik' – and I bet they still do, all over the whole damn world. Almost as bad as those ubiquitous (is it Peruvian?) pan-pipes!

    Yes, like Bob (and all the others) the sight of your pussies standing up with fascination and wide-eyes curiosity at the outside world is just unbeatable. It's especially the fact that they take everything so seriously which gets me creased. Wonderful picture!

    1. Raybeard:
      We've been almost 10 months in Sevilla and I haven't even considered leaving. It might be a record.

      "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" would be a step up, but there are a lot of great street musicians and performers here. Haven't seen any pan pipes (Jerry is a sucker for those)!

  6. Your kitty cat picture is stunning….what lovely brothers they are…OK catch up on your reading and come back…allergies are always so annoying…we use homeopathic remedies and they do help immensely!

    1. Sophie/Ron:
      Allergies MIGHT be easing. But it's 95 degrees and I'm inside mostly with AC, so who knows. Almost finished "The Scarlet Letter." I'm thinking of "War & Peace" next. The cats are a joy! Email me with your homeopathic remedies!

  7. Next,always a little behind…
    I LOVE that last photo of your new family! I bet they keep you guys hoppin!
    (6 degrees eh? Well, we never get that high around here….just not 'built' for it!
    Hey, a good whine is SO good for the soul….think of all the good books you'll read.

  8. Yep, once the bands stop serenading you, it's time to move on.
    Love the picture of your little ones. Do they call you "Mommy" yet?

    1. Mark:
      Do your little ones call you Mommy? (Mine can't even speak… well, I take that back, I just don't speak Catnish.)

      There are still serenades, just no parades. So, I'll give them some time to get their acts together.

  9. No parades or bands? Move immediately!! : )

    Your apartment is lovely … so comfy and homey looking. Love the cats looking out the window!! My little Romeo has made himself at home on the back of the couch that looks out the front window. It is like his TV!

    1. Jenners:
      I can't believe I'm thinking about what to buy so they have easy views outside!

      I've decided to stick around Sevilla a while longer… I KNOW there's a parade coming soon.

  10. Your apartment is as charming inside as it is outside. I love the accommodations you've made for the kitties, thus assuring a place for yourself in cat heaven if you so choose!

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I would love a place in cat heaven (what a nice thought)! We love the apartment location and can't believe our good fortune to stumble on it (in our complete ignorance).

  11. What a bummer! No parades, no serenades… but you've got two kiddies, sorry for the typo, kitties to look after and pamper, which can be fun too.

    1. Peter:
      Oh, the serenades are still going on… just no marching bands. But, sometimes subtlety is a good thing. These two kids … cats… are wonderful. Can't believe they haven't even been here a week.

  12. What a delightful apartment, cat photo is just lovely. Street music; the good and the awful is of the moment therefore show a little tolerance.

    1. the cuby poet:
      It's a wonderful place to be all-round. As for the street music, the truth is I enjoy most of it (well, except for the really, REALLY bad flutophone player who walks around the outdoor cafes playing shrill notes loudly into patron's ears…. and the accordion trio playing "Feelings"). I never make faces — except when the flutophone player stands right next to me. I just don't always reach into my pocket.

      It's certainly a lot nicer than not having music on the streets.

  13. Hercules is a big feller, isn't he! Thighs like tree trunks.

    I'll join everyone else in loving the cat pic. Lovely kitties!

    1. Judith:
      Yes, Hercules is a big guy. And given that he's in the neighborhood of 400 years old, he has stayed in pretty good shape. (I hope I look half as good when I'm 400.)

      I have taken so many cat pictures this week! I may just have to include one in every post.

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