Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

I’ve been at it again — cooking up a storm. Yesterday afternoon I prepared my delectable, rejuvenating, after-workout specialty.


When San Geraldo cooks, I do the clean-up. You’d think the reverse would apply. But, poor me, when I cook I have to clean up after myself. And, no, even if I doubled the recipe and shared with San Geraldo, he still wouldn’t do the washing up. “Saint,” my foot (or other body part). It doesn’t seem fair. But we gourmets often sacrifice for the love of our craft.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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22 thoughts on “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble”

  1. Your chocolate protein shake looks delicious. I may try my hand at cooking something like that. Got to get the measurements right, though. Still sounds hard. Maybe if I think of cooking like chemistry…..

  2. Oh my, those little morsels look very appetising.
    Congrats on your achievement with the shake! Minimal cleanup involved.

    1. Judith:
      I love my shakes, but some days I don't make them because I can't deal with all the work (the clean up is the least of it… there's taking out the mixer and the milk and the protein powder, then measuring the milk and the protein powder, then mixing it). It's a lot of cooking for one serving.

  3. As I read the opening, I thought wow much has changed while I was away….I didn't think you cooked,lol

    But I know you can cook, you just choose not to 😉

  4. You almost HAD me with that one, Mitch…all of the sudden my bubble was burst…POP! SO silly aren't I…man I'd love one of those thingies…mmmmm!

    1. Jim:
      I did actually used to cook some things well. I used to make wicked bite-size eggrolls (even chopped up all the fresh ingredients myself). There was just never anything else to go with it. I can't deal with more than one dish at a time. It makes for a stressful and very long evening if you wait for the entire meal.

    1. kisatrtle:
      I had one in the States although not as good. People seem to use them all the time here (even real cooks). I bought it simply for my protein shakes but Jerry now uses it for a lot of his cooking.

  5. I think you can get those stick blenders more easily in Europe, and of better quality for a moderate price. Here, they seem to either be cheap and low on power, or ridiculously expensive, and high on power (Williams Sonoma sells a Swiss brand for an outrageous price).

    Happy smoothies! And, wow, bacon wrapped around shrimp and cheese!?!? Yuummmm!

    1. Seine Judeet (to keep "The Judiths" clear):
      It's amazing how common these little hand blenders are here and how many options we have. We've got a great small appliance store, so I was steered in the right direction for what I thought we would need. It's much better than what I had in the States, which really was only good for mixing up my protein powder. Jerry uses this one to puree vegetables for soup and it can crush ice. AND it cleans up really easily… I use it whenever I "cook."

      Oh, those skewers at Catalina are so good!

  6. I can't remember the last time I heard the expression, "my foot"! It seems kinda quaint and old-fashioned. I love those things and I've been keeping a list for some years. I have added "my foot" right after "on the blink" and "no two ways about it". Every once in a while I find one of those old expressions coming out of my mouth and I get a little embarrassed; I put it down to channeling my mother.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      Well, I never say "my foot." I don't usually say "my ass" either, but that's what comes to mind. Then I decided to behave myself because the Dowager Duchess is now always watching.

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