Good Gravy!

Last night, San Geraldo made a delicious dinner (unless you’re a vegetarian) of pork roast and gravy (and of course two side dishes). He followed the delicious dinner with two desserts — one for himself and the second for us both. His first dessert? Cold gravy from the pot ladled over a hamburger bun. He was in heaven. The second dessert? Shortbread cookies coated in dark chocolate. We were both in heaven.


Our boys Dudo and Moose continue to settle in to life with us. We have become a solid family, all tolerant of each other’s needs and habits. Moose has lately been horning in on spots previously claimed by Dudo. They each have their own beds (among all the other beds they claim in the house). However, Moose waits for Dudo to leave his and then takes his place. Sometimes, he doesn’t wait for Dudo to leave. The other day, as I sat at my computer, the boys cuddled sleepily nearby. I turned to see Moose stretch in his sleep, unknowingly putting Dudo into a strangle-hold. Dudo looked up at me pathetically, but didn’t move. He clearly didn’t want to disturb Moose’s sleep. He wretched momentarily and then settled back down. I’ve done the same at times for San Geraldo I’m sure.


Author: Moving with Mitchell

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30 thoughts on “Good Gravy!”

  1. I'm with you – cold gravy = blechh! AGA on the other hand would be joining San Geraldo at the table and probably hoping for a second helping!

  2. My Dad used to do the gravy on a hamburger bun after dinner. I thought he was the only one!

    And about the cats….we've had some mild days here of late and have a window or two open, which leads to cats shoving one another off window sills, or crowding one another off, to enjoy the fresh air.
    They all want what the other one has.

  3. Never knew it was possible to actually LIKE gravy that's gone COLD! Does S.G. have any other unusual gourmet 'delights'? Well, those that are printable, I mean.

    Your pussies have an admirable tolerance towards each other. If only mine allowed each other to get within touching distance without feeling they've got to defend their territory!

    1. Raybeard:
      Well, there is bread and milk (and sugar), but apparently San Geraldo has lots of company in that gourmet delight. Crackers and jam with chicken soup is a bit odd. There are loads more.

      Dudo and Moose are litter mates. I don't think they even have territory.

  4. Hello Mitch:
    Good gravy to accompany roast meat is, in our view, one of life's absolute luxuries and is something not necessarily known throughout the whole of Europe. However, we should draw the line at it cold, over anything.

    Your cats continue, as always, to enchant us.

  5. Sleeping in tandem can be a bitch. Bing has RLS (restless leg syndrome) and I often wake up with a bruised thigh or shin. I always point it out to her, of course.

    1. Maria:
      The cats are much more adaptable than we are. San Geraldo and I rarely sleep together. Both light sleepers. He reads during the night. If I turn on a light, I'll be up the rest of the night. I move constantly in bed. And I also have restless leg syndrome.

      I've been known to accidentally kick the cats off the bed. Dudo and Moose don't seem to mind at all, but our earlier cats would leave me the minute I turned off the light. Two nights ago I woke up when I realized I had kicked Dudo off the bed. He climbed right back on, licked my nose, and went back to sleep.

    1. Knatolee:
      These cats make my heart sing. So does San Geraldo, despite his eating habits. (I forgot; he also served canned cherries with the chocolate-covered biscuits. Too much for me and back in the can.)

    1. Spo:
      Never??? I vaguely remember a "Spo Reflections" Oreo Truffles recipe. Then there were ginger bread cookies. And ice cream and cake. I think there was even a Halloween dessert last year. "Never??? Well, hardly ever!"

    2. I never made the truffles; and the gingerbread cookies and halloween dessert are holiday treats, not desserts.
      Don't make me come smite you.

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