Chasing Rainbows

San Geraldo and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and got caught in a downpour.  No matter how good life seems to be, we both have our “rainy” days. Even so, when the sun comes out San Geraldo always looks for the rainbow.  (Then, for better or worse, we both chase it.)

I’ve never posted a Judy Garland video on my blog. I think my Gay Card is up for renewal. This should clinch it.

Author: Moving with Mitchell

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20 thoughts on “Chasing Rainbows”

  1. I love rainbows! They are right up there with sunrises and sunsets. I, too, look for rainbows after a rain – for which there are lots of opportunities in Oregon.

    The expression on your "guy" is priceless. What a fun sculpture. Glad it has made it with you through the years.

    1. Jo:
      San Geraldo bought that wall sculpture for me as a pick-me-up in Palm Springs. It always makes me smile.

      There have been more than the usual number of opportunities for rainbows here.

  2. Judy Garland had soul long before they invented it. However, when it comes to "Over the Rainbow", I think I now prefer Israel Kamakawiwai's version of it.

    1. Ms. Sparrow:
      I love IZ and also his rendition of "Over the Rainbow," but I'm kind of obsessive about lyrics and he improvised with them, which drives me a little nuts sometimes. It's way I can't completely enjoy improv jazz.

  3. You've found the pot of gold the moment you met San Geraldo. So some rain on your parade is not so bad, it's called life. 😉

  4. You'll probably know that the first rainbow (allegedly) appeared only after Noah's flood as a sign to show that the big guy in the sky wasn't sure if the worldwide deluge had been such a good idea after all. Clever fellow. He creates the laws of physics and immediately suspends them just so that he can re-instate them at a later date.

    Btw: That song! One of many that makes it impossible to listen to the original music (in this case by Chopin) ever again without some infernally inappropriate lyrics going through the mind. Sorry, Mitch, one of my bugbears is lyrics written to previously composed music, often at odds with the mood the music intended to evoke. I even find it impossible to listen to 'Carmen Jones' for the same reason. Am I not a sorry case? (Maybe ought to make this the subject for a future blog of mine.) Oh, I do quite like Judy Garland – though I personally preferred Liza's voice – at least before her life, like her Ma's, went a bit off the rails.

  5. Sorry to have written such a bitchy comment, Mitch. Sometimes talking to my pussies isn't sufficient and I need to get things off my chest in other ways.

    Btw: (May have mentioned this before) I can never get the 'Reply' facility to work on your blog. Often when you've made a further comment in acknowledging my own response, or that of others, I'm unable to follow it up – or even just to indicate that I've seen what you've newly written, even though I always will have. Don't usually have this problem with other blogs.

    1. Raybeard:
      I didn't find your comment at all bitchy. I love your insights and thoughts.

      As for the "reply" button, I haven't got a clue. Plenty of people do reply to my replies, but I have no idea how many have the same problem as you. Blogspot definitely has its quirks and inconsistencies but, since I don't pay for it, I don't complain.

  6. I'm glad you posted the Judy video. And not just because I love Judy.
    Homo HQ was just about to send out the non-renewal form, and then ask for their Toaster Oven back.

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