Patron Saint of New Jersey

There’s a tiny chapel about 10 minutes west of us on the Paseo Marítimo here in Los Boliches dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima. (Among her claims to fame, apparently, is the fact that she’s the patron saint of New Jersey.) This morning around 8:30, we walked by the chapel and saw a leopard-print apparition.


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12 thoughts on “Patron Saint of New Jersey”

    1. Jacquelineand….
      I wish I could have taken more and better photos. I didn't want her to catch me doing it. From Hoboken maybe? So rare to find an American here. Given the local population, more likely from somewhere in England or Finland. Although she could be Spanish; she knew how to walk in those stilettos.

  1. It's a miracle, it's a miracle!….anything leopard like hasn't been seen in the Iberic Peninsula for over 10,000 years! lol


    1. Raulito:
      I had no idea leopards had been so rare here. They're back in force along with a slew of other jungle animals — and many in colors never seen in nature.

    1. Judeet:
      Can you believe it? It was a surprise to me, too, especially since I can't find a patron saint for every state in the union (although now I wouldn't be surprised if there was a big long list — After all, notaries and nail makers have their own patron saints.)

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